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 Kugeki Clan

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Ezio Senju


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PostSubject: Kugeki Clan   Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:17 pm

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Clan Name: Kugeki Clan

Bloodline:Combat Specialization & Opposing Forces: The Kugeki clan are a rare breed which were born with the interesting ability which goes against all natural order of the world. This “rebellion” is not just shown with their unique jutsus but also their clan summoning, which seems to be a chimera type creature, their personal fighting style and the power they are given at birth.

The most common trait of all the Kugeki is their love for combat which causes them to constantly search for the perfect battlefield, for some reason none of them have found it yet. The most notable trait of the Kugeki’s is their highly above average fighting abilities that comes naturally to each one of them, meaning most of them don’t know the proper procedures to battle and even if they do know they never use them because they find it insufficient compared to the abilities they were born with. A Kugeki fighting has been described as constant change, their movements are never non-changing and very hard to predict even by the best fighters. There has become only one word for their power, “limitless.”

Bloodline Ability:
Battle Impression- Being born with advanced fighting ability the Kugeki have reached the point in which they can accurately measure a person’s power through one simple collision with them. This helps Kugeki’s figure out if fights are pointless due to their opponent being too weak or if their opponent will give them the fight they long for.

The Zone- Because of the Kugeki’s love for combat along with their high fighting ability, which happens to be the prerequisites to invoke this state, they are capable of entering a state which is described as a state of higher concentration. This state actually allows a Kugeki to utilize 100% of their abilities as beings are only naturally capable of using 80% of their abilities, basically unlocking a person’s true potential. This grants a Kugeki an increase in their physical abilitys 30% but does come with its limitations, as it can only be maintained for 15 posts and can only be awakened by jonin rank and rarely by chunin and genin ranked Kugeki. At jonin rank this state can be activated naturally but to activate it at chunin and genin, a Kugeki must defeat a jonin in a death match.

Opposition Ace-  To many the downside to the Kugekis is their chakra natures in which their secondary must be the weakness of their primary, and tertiary must be the weakness of their secondary. Even with this “weakness” the Kugekis are capable of perfectly fusing jutsus of opposing chakra natures without having them neutralize each other. With this as long as the Kugeki has the components of the fused jutsu then they are capable of training for it no matter what rank it happens to be along with being able to fully use them.

Natural Adaptation- With their above average fighting ability the Kugeki’s are very fast learners along with their bodies naturally being able to adapt to certain situations. These situations being when they come against physical abilitys higher than their own, in which upon doing so their bodies will not instantly adapt but every time the Kugeki receives damage from that physical aspect be it strength or speed, in terms of defense when their physical attacks are blocked, they will gain an increase by 5% to that tier’s opposing tier: if going against strength tier will gain speed tiers, if going against speed tiers will gain endurance teirs, if going against endurance/defense tiers will gain strength tiers. This adaptation does come with the risk of dying as even if the Kugeki can gain their tiers in time to win the fight the damage received to gain those tiers might end up killing them. Naturally caps at 30%
Location: Donzogakure

Clan Information:
The Kugeki clan is a very young clan only being created 20 years ago. It was created by Saisho Kugeki upon the birth of his son. There was no true reasoning behind its creation, but just because Saisho was an SS-rank missing-nin the very name of the Kugeki clan strikes fear. The clan so far followed Saisho’s movements and the only thing it is becoming known for is fighting strong opponents. It is also becoming known for taking in some of the strong opponents it has defeated, of course this is by their choice, and once they have joined the clan they are forced to obey its rule which has happened to make them a lot stronger than before.

Clan traits:

• Black spikey hair


Clan Weaknesses:



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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: Kugeki Clan   Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:55 am

As another Admin once said: Are you joking? No just no.
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Kenji Jinsei


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PostSubject: Re: Kugeki Clan   Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:47 am

To better answer what Aka stated, it's not because they're zombies, it's due to a few key over powered aspects.

  • The physiology that allows them to "completely negate" physical taijutsu attacks equal to their rank or lower. At low ranks, not a problem. At high ranks this borders on physical invulnerability, where at max would allow you to completely negate any and all physical taijutsu that isn't SS rank. To top it off its passive, the closest thing we have to this is Kajiya Toshu's metal release armors, which are all high ranking sustained ninjutsu. If you want to do something like that you're going to need to tone it down a bit and turn it into actual techniques, or tone it down to a baseline and then maybe it can be allowed as passive.
  • I quote you on this. "Once a awabi member begins to walk in a given direction, no obstacle or force on Earth was able to stop him. Some obstacles, for example many tons of rock or forces such as GenJutsu only slow their pace considerably, but nothing truly may stop a awabi permanently from advancing." So you want to become Juggernaut? This is an absolute no go.
  • What exactly do you mean by "Glamour Genjutsus"? And you may be able to reduce the effectiveness of paralyzing Genjutsu or resist lower ones but you can't just become immune to any Genjutsu that paralyzes a target.
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Kugeki Clan   Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:07 pm

  • "To many the downside to the Kugekis is their chakra natures in which their secondary must be the weakness of their primary, and tertiary must be the weakness of their secondary." How is this a weakness?
  • "Even with this “weakness” the Kugekis are capable of perfectly fusing jutsus of opposing chakra natures without having them neutralize each other." There are three ways to use two chakra natures in one jutsu: KKG/KKT, EGF, and collaborative jutsu. This is none of the three.
  • Natural adaptation is a no go. You can't just build up an SC with every fight, especially if there's no weakness to counter it.


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Ezio Senju


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PostSubject: Re: Kugeki Clan   Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:45 am

This is not finished

And to answer that it is not a weakness it says to many that means other people it is obviously not a weakness and i am not finshed give me time to put in the weaknesses. Also natural adaption does not last through topics.

also on a side note for opposition ace it is not the fusing i think you are thinking about what this would alow a kugeki to do is form a wind bullet with lighting coating making a shocking wind bullet which one would not be able to normally do thanks to the balance chakra nature's give.
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PostSubject: Re: Kugeki Clan   

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Kugeki Clan
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