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 Souryu Clan [WIP]

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Souryu Laxus


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PostSubject: Souryu Clan [WIP]   Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:40 pm


Clan Name: Souryu

Bloodline Name: Shinrai (Divine Lightning)

Bloodline Ability: The Souryu clan are limited to Lightning, along with either one Fire or Wind jutsu as a booster. They can manipulate throughout their bodies to form absolutely anything that comes to mind. These are known as the Sacred Lightning Arts. They are made to be extremely powerful, yet ranked on decent levels. This is because they are so extreme, that another jutsu known as "Recharge" is required to restart the shinobi, and so he can reform these Sacred Lightning Arts once more.

Having reached a special level (normally at S-Rank), the Souryu can train at incredible extents to upgrade these arts to something known as the Divine Lightning Arts. There are only three Divine Lightning Arts that exist: Kirin's Law, Lightning's Law, and Divine Lightning Art: God.

Aside from this, people of this clan can also manipulate their bodies with lightning, although these manipulations count towards the Recharge limit.

Location: Donzogakure

Clan History: In the outskirts of Donzogakure no Sato, a temple was made to treat those known as "Souryu Shinobi." There were three categories known inside of this temple:

  • Old Generation
  • New Generation
  • New Era

The Old Generation were the ones responsible for creating the Sacred Lightning Arts. They were also known as the creators of the Souryu clan. They developed the group, their leader known as the "Sage of the Sixth Lightning" This name was given due to the fact that there were five Great Shinobi of Lightning before this era in time. In accordance to this name, the Old Generation consisted of six members. During the bloodline purge, to avoid losing their powers, they injected their specialized Lightning chakra into what is known as the New Generation, having killed themselves in the process. The New Generation gained a portion of their DNA as well, and so they had access to all of these powers. Albeit, their group only consisted of four members.

The New Generation were responsible for the reformation of the Sacred Lightning Arts. Their leader, also known as the "Sage of the Seventh Lightning" gave the Souryu clan the ability to reform lightning in any way they wished. However, these reformations had to be created into jutsu, for their powers were too extreme to not be given costs, or used completely out of free will, and so chakra needed to be involved. The New Generation was also in charge of enhancing the Lightning effects on all Lightning Arts, and transforming them into a mobile power, able to be controlled easily by the reserves of any Souryu descendant. It was during this time however, that the most recent bloodline purge occurred, and so the New Generation had to commit the same thing. However, at this time, there was only one person whom they could transfer their powers to: Souryu Laxus. Laxus was entitled as the "Eighth Lightning", the one who would have to grant a portion of his powers to descendants in order to keep this clan alive. This era was simply entitled as the "New Era".

The New Era is a time of mastery. Written on a scroll, the Old Generation had always continued writing their powerful capabilities to ensure they were always enhanced. The New Generation had a final bonus to these powers known as the Divine Lightning Arts. This is full-fledged extent of Lightning Arts, something they would only expect a legendary shinobi to commit, and possibly die for. Laxus applied for this position by default, and took charge of ensuring that these Divine Arts would be made. It is from this point, however, that nothing else can be discovered about the Souryu clan- not until another Souryu member is born.

Clan traits: Anybody in this clan has beyond skillful manipulation with Lightning-Style jutsu. They can manipulate lightning throughout their bodies and use Lightning jutsu beyond their normal capabilities, but only under the renowned names of "Sacred Lightning Arts." People of this clan are well-known for their blonde hair, strength and speed.

Clan Weaknesses: Those of the Souryu clan always struggle with chakra reserves, having to recharge techniques frequently due to their overdrives in power. Their stamina is most often low, and damage can inflict them on greater limits than usual. Elemental Strengths against Lightning also affect them wildly.

Requirements: The only way to join this clan is to either be born into it, or like most other clans, have a Souryu member's DNA.

Members Souryu Laxus



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Uchiha Shoshi
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PostSubject: Re: Souryu Clan [WIP]   Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:00 pm

Is this finished?
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Kenji Jinsei


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PostSubject: Re: Souryu Clan [WIP]   Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:38 am

  • Secret Lightning Art: B; Are these duplicates similar to physical lightning clones? Or are they intangible but shock then they come in contact with someone?
  • Sacred Lightning Art: Dragon; A speed would be appreciated, equivalent to a real world object or the speed of an x rank shinobi.
  • Blessing of the Lightning God; Does it cost to sustain it or does it last for a certain amount of time? Personally 300m seems a little much but I'll need some other opinions on that.
  • Sacred Lightning Art: Tiger; Same as Dragon if you could please.
  • Sacred Lightning Art: Lion; Just to clarify, you shoot lightning bolt form your mouth, which once within 100m of your target splits into multiple bolts or expands into a larger bolt? If the later how large and if the former roughly how many.
  • Heavenly Halberd; What type of range does it have? Does the lightning bolt actually hurt its target or simply mark them? Does it have a prerequisite that involves marking said target, or does it simple hit everything with chakra within x-range?
  • Blazing Phoenix; The element says lightning despite its description saying it's based in fire. Is it sustained or an activated that lasts x amount of posts?
  • Fist of Obliteration; What's the amperage behind the volts, or rather, will it simply fry or actually invoke severe cardiac arrest?
  • Sacred Lightning Art: Snake; Is it the size of a normal snake, and can it be removed like a physical snake or would it require a different approach?
  • Sacred Lightning Art: Stun; Most stuns duration's depend on the rank of the target, at least out of description. Usually someone like an S-rank shinobi would be able to break or recover from stuns quicker whereas a genin would take longer, so a duration regarding rank of the target would be appreciated.
  • Voltage Link: 1-1; This needs a cool down, as without one you could potentially bypass the need to use recharge.
  • Swift Thunder; This is awfully similar to LRA's increased speed/reaction time due to speeding up the electricity in the nervous system, personally I wouldn't allow it but that's up to the other staff.
  • Healing Thunder; For clarification this does not count as a sacred art correct? And it's purpose is to simply allow for 4 total sacred arts before needing to recharge every time after the first recharge correct?
  • Complete Immunity; As is you would only need to recharge once if you have this technique and you're set for the rest of the thread. If your clans abilities require Recharge wouldn't this ability negate that weakness? In doing so I'd say it's fair to add a drawback of its own to the use of this technique.
  • Sacred Lightning Art: EN; A 100m diameter electric pulse resulting in a sustained field is a stealth technique? How long is temporarily? On a side note for the field to actually be invisible it would have to be related to magnetism, but you could electrically charge everything within a certain range which would result in a mild shock that would temporarily paralyze someone who touched something within the range of that field, but it wouldn't effect anything in the air. Unless this is what you meant in the first place.
  • Thor's Palm; As it is currently this is a genjutsu technique.
  • Brilliant Thunder; How is this sensory? Seems more like an area attack. How big is this field? And keep in mind 50,000 volts is a lot of power so the field itself probably wouldn't be all too large, and unless it's visible it would follow under the aforementioned Sacred Lightning Art: EN requirements.
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PostSubject: Re: Souryu Clan [WIP]   

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Souryu Clan [WIP]
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