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 MASTERS OF INK インクのマスター [Mikoto]

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PostSubject: MASTERS OF INK インクのマスター [Mikoto]   Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:53 am

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Clan Name: Mikoto

Bloodline Name: (What is your Bloodline Name)

Bloodline Ability: (What is your Bloodline Ability)

Hiden Clan Abilitys: Inku Sakusei (墨 作成, Ink Creation)
Inku Sakusei is the ability draws objects with ink onto scrolls, which they can do very quickly. The moment the brush, through which chakra is flown, is removed, the drawn images will leap from the paper and act according to the user's will. These creations grow to life-size once they have been brought to life. Since they are made of ink, a single blow is usually enough to dispel them. There are few techniques in existence that have so many different uses such as this.

Shinjō no Inku (インクボディ, Body of Ink)
Shinjō no Inku is a natural ability born onto those of the Mikoto. Instead of a "chakra nature" or "element" the members of this clan are born with a natural ink substance within their body. It is very similar to Suiton but far more thicker. It allows the Mikoto to manipulate ink in a similar fashion as Suiton.

Location: Umigakure

Clan History: The Mikoto clan established during the creation of Umi. They were first a group of scholars and architects who past their superior knowledge through drawings and writing. A very high intellectual clan were these Mikoto's, the only thing that they lacked was knowledge of shinobi and ninja arts. They were taught the aspects of shinobi by those of the ancient Senju clan.

Eventually they learned of chakra control and the likes of ninjutsu. Knowledge of such complex concepts brought them to their period of enlightenment and cultural advancement. Members of this clan were able to combine both their artistic and chakra control knowledge to perform a Ninjutsu unique to the world, Inku Sakusei. Inku Sakusei (Ink Creation) was an ability that allowed members of the Mikoto to bring inanimate objects to life, mainly drawings, and use them for their own sake. It was a very competent ability indeed, many clans outside of the Hidden Leaf feared this clan; Not only did they hold sovereign knowledge but the ability to create anything they desired.

It wasn't until later down the years, probably some forty years after the enlightenment, that a man by the name of Kojiro founded the kinjutsu, Shinjō no Inku (Body of Ink). Shinjō no Inku was a technique studied and experimented by one of the many founders of Inku Sakusei, Saitetsu. He banned and hid the forbidden technique due to it's detrimental side-effects but Kojiro managed to discover it. Kojiro used the technique for himself and ended up losing all of his emotions and chakra element. Those who used this technique were usually inclined to evil, however Kojiro was clever enough to document much of his history and experimenting with Shinjō no Inku so he didn't lose himself completely. Eventually Kojiro lost total control of himself and went berserk and began a massacre but that isn't until later on down the line. Before then, he used a number of Mikoto females as test subjects for the Shinjō no Inku technique. He attempted to make the technique more mild and failed miserably and ended up going through over seventy female Mikoto who in time, die due to mental illness and immense body pain.

Before Kojiro's execution, one test subject, Hitomi, managed to survive and possess a more mild ability of the Shinjō no Inku. No one knew of this until she revealed it during the Chūnin exams. She drew out and manipulated ink from within her body. The Mikoto that were in the audience were left in Awe as they witnessed the technique that had been banned for decades.

When she became of age, she birthed her first child and he too harnessed the Shinjō no Inku. Soon enough many of the members of the Mikoto held the body of ink technique. Eventually they deemed Shinjō no Inku as an ability rather than a technique since all the children of the clan were born with it.

The Mikoto was able to live and prosper for many many many years.

Clan traits: Being that members of this clan are natural born artist, they do a lot of artwork the involves ink, tattooing being one of them. Certain members of the clan receive special tattoos that are capable of being manipulated due to ink being their medium. Not all Mikoto have tattoos but many do and it's optional.

Clan Weaknesses: N/A

Requirements: Much be a member of Umigakure or be a missing ninja from the village of Umigakure

Members None at minute till the creation of my ninja.



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PostSubject: Re: MASTERS OF INK インクのマスター [Mikoto]   Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:41 pm

seems legit approved
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MASTERS OF INK インクのマスター [Mikoto]
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