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 Xsalice's Jutsu

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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: Xsalice's Jutsu   Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:42 pm

Name: Haretsu Kakera no Jutsu :: Rupturing Splinters
Canon/Custom: Custom
Element: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Jutsu Prerequisites: Hand seals
Description: A simple technique where the user brings forth Sōichirō  chakra and gives it shape. Sōichirō chakra will seep from the tenketsu points on either hand, or both hands at once, and begin to mold into five(5) inch long needles slightly thinner than senbon. From being created with Sōichirō chakra these splinters will explode upon contact with any substance or foreign chakra or the user can detonate them their self. If Sōichirō chakra is already being molded for a technique the user can expel five(5) of these splinters through the technique being used at a C-ranked cost.

    B Rank: Equivalent to two explosive notes (20 M.)

Name: Fūin Ijou no Jutsu :: Seal Transfer Jutsu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Element: N/A
Type: Fūinjutsu
Rank: [ B ] • [ A ] • [ S ]
Jutsu Prerequisites: Another Fūinjutsu  Jutsu
Description:  A simple technique used in conjunction with a Fūinjutsu technique previously created from the users chakra. Upon physical contact with another surface, the user can transfer a Fūinjutsu technique between the two surfaces that came into contact. This technique only works if the previous technique is of the same or lesser ranking than the chakra used in the creation of this technique.


Completed Missions:

Total Points: 16
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Xsalice's Jutsu
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