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 Akiyama, Daiki

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Akiyama Daiki


Posts : 10
Age : 25
Village : Kemurigakure

PostSubject: Akiyama, Daiki   Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:06 am

Akiyama, Daiki

I don't need your help, I'm capable of handling the wind on my own.

basic information
Nicknames: ---
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Blood Type: O
Village: Kemurigakure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

physical information

    Height: 145 cm (4'9")
    Weight: 23kg (94.8lbs)
    Wears a size six shoe for men.

personality information
He keeps a social interest in most people he meets, greeting them when he sees them but otherwise doing his own thing. Enjoying the sight of the open sky his head is usually tilted slightly up to keep an eye skyward.

    Sexuality: Straight

    • Open Air
    • The Breeze
    • Social interaction
    • Laid back attitudes


    • Cramped spaces
    • Stagnant Air
    • Being alone
    • Uptight people

combat information
Clan: Akiyama
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Ninjutsu

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: Fuuton


  • Strong wind techniques (30% Stronger Wind Techniques)


  • No Genjutsu (No Genjutsu ability)

Fighting Style: Man'yōshū

Using the template, list any equipment/weapons your character possesses.

Simple Equipment:

  • Pressed Leaves from an Oak Tree
  • Kunai
  • Small notebook used for pressing plants/leaves



historical information
Daiki's parents married at a young age, having their first son before they had even reached their twenty first year of age. New parents they had a soft spot for the boy and let him roam around watching the sky. Growing up in Kemurigakure Daiki was always a little awkward, keeping to himself and dreaming of forests where he could see just where his clan had found its unique style of fighting. Spending most of his time in the academy day dreaming Daiki was labeled a troubled student and forced to take remedial classes after school. His parents were nothing but supportive allowing him to even move to an apartment closer to the school so he could spend more time studying and less time watching the sky with his father. After graduating his parents allowed him to return to his family home, resuming his old habits of watching the sky both day and night with his father as they shared dreams of one day flying free with the birds, although he would never admit to his parents that he really dreamed of visiting the forests where the clan had first seen the leaves that shape their style still to this day.

miscellaneous information
Face Claim: - - Akiyama Daiki as Akiyama Daiki
Other Characters:

  • ---


  • ---

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Hideyoshi Senju

Posts : 329
Age : 25
Village : Soragakure No Sato
Rank : Kage

Ninja Info
Jutsu Tokens:
3/8  (3/8)

PostSubject: Re: Akiyama, Daiki   Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:49 pm

okay only two things are needed

1.) lower the 40% to 30 since we only allow up to that number
2.) obtain the password from the rules
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Hideyoshi Senju

Posts : 329
Age : 25
Village : Soragakure No Sato
Rank : Kage

Ninja Info
Jutsu Tokens:
3/8  (3/8)

PostSubject: Re: Akiyama, Daiki   Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:06 pm

approved 1/2
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Yuuki Terumi


Posts : 37
Village : Ex Kemurigakure
Rank : S

Ninja Info
Jutsu Tokens:
3/8  (3/8)

PostSubject: Re: Akiyama, Daiki   Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:47 pm

approved 2/2
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PostSubject: Re: Akiyama, Daiki   

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Akiyama, Daiki
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