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 The 6 Paths

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PostSubject: The 6 Paths   Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:23 pm

Six Paths

These are 6 paths of the Rinnegan, after the last great war the last user of the rinnegan had 6 paths of pain that he used for combat but upon his defeat he was captured while his 6 paths were also capture the man who had the Rinnegan was kept alive and experimented on his Dna was taken and mixed with that of Senju cells and 6 eyes of the Rinnegan was created each was lost after the facitiy containing the man was destroyed but to this day the 6 eyes still remain all over the ninja world waiting to be used by the ones who chose its power.

Deva Path
The Deva Path's abilities mostly revolve around the manipulation of gravity. Two of the most commonly used abilities include attracting and repulsing targets away from or drawing them closer to the user's body. Between using this ability, there is a brief period of down time at which the user cannot use any more gravity techniques.

Played by: Closed.

Asura Path
The Asura Path is a very unique path, having an entirely mechanical body. It is incapable of using jutsu aside from those which were worked into its body.

Played by: open

Human Path
The Human Path is capable of complete soul manipulation. By touching another human, the path can read their mind and soul and know everything about that human. The abilities go so far as even being able to remove a human's soul, thus killing them, or removing the soul and placing it into a different body.

Played by: Dan "Havoc" Keiz

Animal Path
The Animal Path is able to summon humans and creatures through chakra recognition. No blood or contract is required for the Animal Path's Kuchiyose to work. After every summoning technique, there is a short period of down time before the Animal Path can summon another. The Animal Path must be very familiar with whomever he or she is attempting to summon.

Played by: Open

Naraka Path
The Naraka Path's primary ability allows it to summon the Outer Path. This Outer Path can restore life and completely heal anyone who is harmed. Unfortunately, Naraka Path cannot use this ability on him or herself.

Played by: Open

Preta Path
The Preta Path's ability allows the nullification and absorption of all ninjutsu. This technique can also take the form of a barrier around its body, allowing it to absorb attacks from all directions.

Played by: Closed


  • This will take up one of your limited spots.

  • All characters who become a path MUST be jounin.

  • The Rinnegan you receive is only in one eye.

  • None can be in same village.
  • One path per person

  • All the rinnegan grants you here is the power of one of the paths that you may choose.

  • You don't get 5 elements from having the rinnegan.

  • You must register each and every one of their jutsu and abilities.


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The 6 Paths
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