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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:55 pm



Be respectful to the other members and staffers. Don't be gross or crass even if you don't like someone. Show common cutesy to everyone and be smart enough to not to answer to people who are obviously trolling and trying to upset you. Insults, disrespect and simply rude and sick remarks are not tolerated here.


This forum operates a 17+ rating so that means swearing and other stuff are permitted during the RP and small amount in the chat box are alright, but excessive abuse of this feature will result in sanctions been given out in the form of a first warning, a second warning then a 1 day chat box ban and sanctions needed after this will be dealt with by the site owners.  Sex and drug references are allowed during the RP in the forums but NOT in the chat box at all. The correct headings like [mature] tags must be on RP topics that contain this content. If sex or drugs is mentioned in the chat box it will result going right to the second warning then working up from there you have been warned. All pornographic or smut like images and links are forbidden, anyone breaking this rule will be banned immediately.


If your profile hasn't been approved yet, please do not go post around. Keep it to the Creation board and the Introduction one. You are allowed to post in OOC sections as well.
Don't flood the staff with PM's with requests to look at your applications. And don't harass them in the chat box either. If your application hasn't been looked at in the 48 hours after it had been made/commented, you can PM another staff member to look at it.


One character per account! So if you want another character, make another account. The only possible exception would be if you play twins on your own, you can have both profiles on one account.

Activity Checks are held on the last week of every month. If you do not post your character will be archived - in which case you can of course request to have it back. Staff can decide to archive your character if you have a limited ability slot or such and don't post regularly with your character(s).


One character in each village - no more. Your first character is free, the second if the first is A rank or higher has to be genin and a 3rd character is required to have 80 IC posts on each of your accounts.


Gaiz, please no Mary-Sues, Gary-Stues, overly tragic stories and so on. Keep it a balanced and make sure that your characters aren't perfect either. All people, especially demons and other supernatural creatures have flaws that are noticeable. Yes, even Sebastian has his own faults.


Don't even try. Really, it's not cool. Leave the credit of things to the one who made it. And outside of the canon character, don't go make a character that looks like Ichigo (Bleach) for example and acts like him. If you use a face-claim, keep it different enough from the original character. That also means you can't name him/her after the face-claim!



Having a face-claim is  optional. When you go look for one, remember to keep it a manga/anime one~ This is based after an anime after all. Also, try to avoid the face claims of the staff - it'd save us a lot from certain confusions. If you -really- wish for that one character that one of the staff is using, we can discuss about it.


Signatures can't have a witdh exceeding 500px. Don't make them huge in height either, that looks ugly and it's annoying. LINK YOUR CHARACTER APPLICATION IN YOUR SIGNATURE! And that under the form of [*url=link to your application]Name here[*/url]. Of course, don't forget to take the * out of the code.


Need some help? Ask in the chat box first before you bother a staff member. If the people in the chat box can't help you, ask a staff member. If that still doesn't work, we suggest you to put some more work into your descriptions on your profile~ Check for spelling errors as well as grammar ones. If after 3 days you completed your work, you are allowed to bump your profile up.


Not too much, since we know that not everyone has the same writing capacity. 100 words is all we ask from you, that makes around 1 neat paragraphs. It's to give the other RPers at least something to work with and to keep the role playing enjoyable.

Spam ahead with descriptions - those do help you to furniture your posts a little more. Also, do make sure to check your spelling and grammar before posting; at least, make it readable and fluent.


The used language on this forum is english. Keep it as main language. You can add a few foreign words of course but make sure to put the translation of those words at the end of your post or right after it between parentheses if those words are not the usual people know (example: everyone knows Rasengan and Sensei. No need to put a translation for those)
Also, you are allowed to use templates and colors to doll your posts up. Just don't use blinding colors or colors that makes your text unreadable.


Over Powering

           No...Just, no. Don't go play "godlike" and try to overpower others without a valid reason. So, yes, you need to balance your character and it's powers as well as use a bit of strategy from time to time.
           If you want to become stronger, buy jutsu and take experience while fighting with other RPers. Strength does not depend on special abilities or jutsu only, but also in how the owner of the character plays him.
           Also, logic applies, do not forget that!


           Keep the posting order in mind when you post and don't go randomly skip people except if you have permission to. If you rather not have a posting order, mention it in the title of your topic like this: "Topic Name [Free]".

           Killing happens in Naruto. People die after all, even super ninjas at some point. But you can't go kill other characters off without the permission of the owner. Of course, if the death is unavoidable (like a genin who's facing a jounin in a war for example), the character will die, even if the owner doesn't like it.
           If your wish to kill one of your own characters off, you can go ahead. Nobody will stop you.
           Whenever one of your characters die, half of the points of that account will be transferred to another one of your choice.


           You can create missions as well as accept them. Missions will give you more occasions for character development, plotting but also to win more money! So don't hesitate to make them! You can find more information about the rewards in the point system~


Liquid Time! - Yes, we have liquid time on this site. Most people knows what this means but for those that don't, liquid time means that you can be in as many threads as you want as long as you can keep track of them all, keep up with them, and post actively. Remember the order of the events that happen too so you don't get tripped up in your own character's timeline and get stuck in time paradoxes. Don't bite off more you can chew.


           You can only have one character who is a Kage. This applies to everyone, no exceptions. Same for the Jinchuuriki. You can be Kage and Jinchuuriki at the same time though


           Only two characters with a Kekkei Genkai my dears~ And no Jinchuuriki with clan abilities or a Kekkei Genkai either -Password is not Madara Uchiha.that'd be over the top. But you can be an Uzumaki and be a Jinchuuriki  as well.


           Two at most. Do not try to get more, you won't. So be wise in your choices, because we will not allow you to suddenly change for another without a good reason.


       You may only have large chakra pools when:

  • You are in a clan that specifies it
  •  You are a non special release character
  •  You do not own another character with a large chakra pool
  • A Jinchuuriki

           You may only have a great chakra control when:

  •  You are in a clan that specifies it
  •  You are a medic
  • When you don't have bigger chakra levels.
  • You are making a 40+yrs old character.



" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."

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Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Thu May 16, 2013 2:23 am

Updated GMT users 16/5/2013 and other users 05/15/2013


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:26 am



" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:24 am



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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   

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General Rules
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