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 Site Bijuu WIP

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PostSubject: Site Bijuu WIP   Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:22 pm

The Village Bijuu

Rules for Obtaining and Keeping Bijuu:

  • You are required to first request to have a bijuu from any Admin or whoever is in charge of monitoring the bijuu.
  • No Clan allowed excepts are the odd Uzumaki with Naoko's permission.
  • No limited abilites allowed
  • On this site bijuu all have the same chakra levels to prevent OPness and such and will all have the level 3 tier of chakra to start with and doesn't need to be trained.
  • Due to the fact jinchuuriki take a more active on the site, all Jin are required to be active. If you know you cannot remain active do not request to be a Jin as it will only be taken from you if you can comply with this requirement. [Some exceptions apply.]
  • No Jinchuurki will be allowed to start out higher than chuunin, and even still there are special requirements for this as well. [Some exceptions may apply it will state on the bijuu which are allowed to start higher.]
  • No one member is allowed to have more than one biuu due to the fact that Jinchuuriki are considered Elite characters on this site.
  • If you are requesting a bijuu and wish to reserve it, it will only remain reserved for 3 days. After that you will lose your reservation. The application must have been started with at least half progress on it.

Lastly each bijuu has a strict training requirement that they must follow. The training requirement can be found in the bijuu's descriptions. No other member of staff will be allowed to approved a bijuu's tail training and ability application. Once trained, any tail or mode can be called upon in combat once per topic. Only Naoko
can approve of training.

Bijuu Staff

Name; 7 Tail Bijuu Byakko (Tiger) Jounin or higher
Jinchuuriki; Vacant
Hidden Village; Donzokogakure no Sato
Status; Open to be sealed into a new Jinchuuriki
Notable Features; Prideful
Superiority Complex

The host will have strips on his or her face that signify that he or she is the host of this prideful bijuu.

+ Tailed Beast Potential +

Number of tails 7 Tails
Chakra Cloak Yes when bijuu cloak is active it surrounds the user with a red chakra cloak that increases speed and strength. Chakra cloack begins at one tails and goes all the way to 7 tails chakra cloak each chakra cloak increases strength and speed by 2% so when 7 tails chakra cloak is on you will have 14 % more power and speed.
Advantages; Master of Kesshōton (Crystal Release) or Dark Crystal Release.
Power Enhancement;
  • Can use crystal or dark crystal release.
  • Speed enhancement- the user of this bijuu is much faster by 40 percent than his or her enemies and other shinobi.

Drawbacks; The user is unable to know or learn any other elements besides Crystal Release.

- Bijuu Cloak 1-6 Tails
- Semi Transformation - The user after going into 4 tails chakra cloack will begin to turn into the bijuu itself. First the user will gain fur on his or her body, then there teeth will begin to sharpen, then the users will gain sharp claws for attacking with.

First - Third Tail:
Word Count: 500
Mode Duration: 5 posts.

Fourth - Sixth Tail:
Word Count: 750
Mode Duration: 7 posts.

Word Count: 1000
Mode Duration: 9 posts.

Full Jinchuriki Mode:
Word Count: 2000
Mode Duration: 12 posts.

+ Techniques +

- Bijuu Bomb

Bijuu Appearance;
History; None as the tiger isn't sealed as of yet.
Myths; Byakko is considered the King of Bijuu, even to the majority of his fellow Bijuu. As such it is well known that Byakko is one of the most aggressive of the bijuu because of its deep hatred for being trapped in a jinchuuriki. The chakra for Byakko is flaming white with little strips of black that hint to the creatures tiger strips.


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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Site Bijuu WIP
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