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 The Keukage is ALIVE!

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Raux Aburame


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PostSubject: The Keukage is ALIVE!   Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:59 am

[i] Raux Sat on the couch about 10 feet away from his desk. He shook his head. This Kage thing was no joke. He just became Kage about 2 months ago and it wasn't getting any easier for him. Raux didn't want to think for at least a minute. He walked over to the window after getting up. The window sat above his desk and beside the chair. He looked out and below he could see kids playing, he could see mothers with groceries and fathers carrying kids. The village looked happy today. He was surprised, given that the last Kage died. He shook his head. Things happen. He took a pull of the cigarette as He heard a knock on the office door.

" C'mon in." Raux looked over at the door as a Medical ninja entered. He wore a white suit that Raux chuckled at. The medical ninja chuckled a bit too, he must have known that the Medic attire was quite funny looking. Raux Walked over to his desk and stood behind it. The Medical ninja stood in front of the desk and cleared his throat to speak. " Light, the Genin who fought off the Chunin ninja while on the mission has survived. He is currently stable in the hospital. What is he to do when He is released." Raux's face frowned and he talked sternly. Once he heard this it helped him realize that this shit was no laughing matter and he would need to grow up...a little bit. " Let him rest for 2 or 3 days, then release him to be back with his squad and Master."

"Yes Sir!"

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The Keukage is ALIVE!
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