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 The Meeting of Heads

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Yuki Shiro


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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting of Heads   Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:11 am

Shiro Stumbled back and gasped as she fell to her knees, holding her head a moment as old information she knew was reorganized and sudden new information was discovered and cataloged. Her mind was still reeling from distortion of her thoughts. Suddenly she fell forward as her eyes rolled back.

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Kuroi Shimada


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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting of Heads   Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:06 am

Around everyone the blizzard would still be raging as the young boy simply stood there and gave a wicked grin," So have you had enough yet or do i need to drop it lower...i cannot wait to see the look on your frozen faces when i...i freeze you into a frozen wasteland," A small maniacal laugh coming from his mouth. He could feel when the cloaked man disappeared, but oh well he had a new target in his eyes.
His mind would slowly fade from red as he would look at his cousin and to Kyuuzoh and reality set in...he had done it again. Quickly regaining himself the blizzard would slowly decease as he backed away slowly and sat on the ground," happened again, why does this always happen," his kid voice returning and kinda shooken up as he looked over to his cousin for support.
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Kyuuzou Maruishi


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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting of Heads   Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:06 am

Kyuuzou watched from the back as the woman seemed to have a blank face for a few seconds before passing out. Before she hit the sand Kyuuzou rushed to catch her before she hit the ground. He set her on the ground as he stood back up to see the man in black vanish. As he was about to start tracking the man the temperature dropped even further Kyuuzou eyed the boy as he started acting like a psychopath talking about freezing them and laughing like a madman. As he was about to knock the kid out he seemed to calm down and revert back to his normal attitude. Kyuuzou rested a hand on the boys shoulder making sure he was calm. "It appears she was affected by a genjutsu of some sorts you may need to help her recuperate" Kyuuzou said in a calm tone as he looked to the ocean and just remembered that he needed to find this merchant but would not bother the boy anymore he would find him on his own.

"Well kid this was a fun encounter but i really need to go i just have a feeling i may need to get back to my village those girls might start a fight without my supervision" Kyuuzou said with a slight laugh as he lifted the unconscious girl on his shoulder. "But before i leave i will help you take her to her house allowing her to get some rest then i will make my exit" He said as he motioned the boy to go ahead of him and lead him to her place of residence. But in all actuality the Kyuuzou holding Jill was a earth clone kyuuzou was actually hovering in the air out of the boys site he knew where the shopkeeper was all along he just wanted to have some fun before going back to donzo after retrieving the blade. The clone would dissapear the moment it reached its destination and by that time Kyuuzou would have retrieved the Shibuki and be on his way back to Donzo.


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Yuki Shiro


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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting of Heads   Thu May 02, 2013 2:26 am

OOC: Skip me I'm knocked out so you can just finish it out with out me. Sorry for not posting sooner.
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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting of Heads   

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The Meeting of Heads
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