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 Misc. Active Systems

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PostSubject: Misc. Active Systems    Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:15 am


Ryo System:

The first basic way of getting points is by posting; you will get 5 Ryo everytime you post and 8 when you create a topic. This will mean that you will be able to get 50 Ryo with just 10 posts,simple right? This way only works by posting in Roleplay areas.

The second way is by doing missions; there are no real fixed amounts of Ryo you can get but i will post the averages of what might be expected here; the amount of Ryo is chosen by the Kage that gives you the mission.

D Rank ~ 200 - 500 Ryo
C Rank ~ 600 - 850 Ryo
B Rank ~ 1000 - 1500 Ryo
A Rank ~ 1750 - 2500 Ryo
S Rank ~ 3000 - 4000 Ryo

Weekly Payment:

Genin and Chunin Ninja will receive ryo from missions by their kages. They may receive missions that range from D to B rank, depending on their skill.

Each village has 10 NPC to start with, They can help Fight other intruders when the village is under attacked.

5000 to buy a NPC


Mission System:


Okay here is how the Missions will work. In order to get a mission you must go to your Kage and request a Mission, or The kage might Request you to go on a Mission. The Mission will be ranked and given out with a well Description.During Missions, others may interupt, Strange things may happen. Missing Ninja & Wanderers are allowed to make their own missions to be employed by any NPC. Pre-made Errands and missions will be posted that can be Re-done.


Kenjutsu System:

For a sword above C ranked you must have kenjutsu as a specialty, this will grant you the ability to use a sword above C rank and use it well as well as kenjutsu techiques. If you don't have kenjutsu as a speciality you cannot use a sword above C rank and cannot use Kenjutsu jutsu at all.


Genjutsu Kai System:

Kai [Release] & Breaking Genjutsu


Kai is a technique that is often used to dispel Genjutsu. However, different people can dispel different level of Genjutsu. It depends on their level of understanding genjutsu and chakra control. It goes as follows:


Specialist- B rank Kai- A rank pain
Normal- C Rank Kai- B Rank pain
Weakest- D Rank Kai- C Rank pain- B with assistance

Chuunin, Special Jounin
Specialist- A rank Kai- S rank pain
Normal- B rank Kai- A rank pain
Weakest- C rank Kai, B rank Pain- A with assistance

Jounin, Anbu
Specialist- S Rank Kai- S rank pain
Normal- A rank Kai- S rank pain
Weakest- B rank Kai- A rank pain- S with assistance

Specialist- S Rank Kai- S rank pain
Normal- A rank Kai- S rank pain
Weakest- B rank Kai- A rank pain- S with assistance

Keep in mind there may be exceptions to this. For example, Tsukuyomi really can't be broken without mastery of Sharingan or a Bijuu. Also, depending on the situation, you may not be able to just simply Kai out of a genjutsu. Genjutsu affects the nervous system and thus you may not be thinking straight once caught. This depends on a case to case basis of the characters involved and if you have any conflicts during your thread, contact staff.


Invasion System:

1) If you are a guest or a village member/ninja you must post at the gates. Remember to include the guards in your post, because there will always be guards at the village gates unless the village is in war. You cannot be in more than two topics {one training topic and your normal IC topic}

2) S-rank Ninja are able to sneak into villages, with a very good post and a suitable reason. An Admin or Mod will approve if you made it in the village without getting caught, but if an Staff member says you got caught, then anyone from the current village is aloud to post and attack you but if no one from the village posts within 15 hours then you have made it into the village without out getting caught.

3) If you are in the World Rankings for criminals, the guards wont let you in at any exception. They will attack you and warn the Kage straight away.(There is a difference between rouge and MIA/Presumed dead)

4) Remember the Guards are Chunin - Jounin rank ninja so don't think you can kill them so easy just cause they are NPC. They have skills and Jutsu just like you.

5) If you have made it into the village without getting caught, then you will be able to spy on the village or get information. Remember you are a stranger so in any RP you make in the Village, there is a chance of you getting caught. No PRIVATE RPS once in the village.


Pure Element System:

This Set of elements are for the ninjas that stay true to their main element and brings it to the max. The word Count for the training of these elements will be of the following.
Rank A-Rank S-Rank SS-Rank
Word Count 3,000 2,500 2,000
These elements can not be claimed as KKG nor KKT's, also you can not have an Clan Element. The pure elements can also have the same abilities as their level 2 lower self.

Requirements to have: the same element in all 3 slots. Example: Fire,Fire,Fire

The Elements
Inferno, Honton (Pure Fire): The Inferno element brings the fire a step further. can control and change into any heat index of fire out there. any Wind based chakra has no chance of blowing this fire out. Nor any low rank water jutsus. Note that if you go with black fire its not gonna be as strong as amterasu but it will be hotter then White Fire. Weakest against Aqua, Strongest against Turbulance.

Turbulance, Ranton (Pure Wind): The nature of the wind is strong with this user. with the combination of the 3 wind chakras the user can control all kinds of wind jutsus, but can not create unless its wind only. any low fire element would just cease to exist. only the pure fire user can be on par with this element. Weakest against Inferno, Strongest Electro

Electro, Ereton (Pure Lighting): The step past level 2 lightning allows the user to control any kind or form of lightning. also can redirect a lower rank lighting jutsu away from them. it can travel through almost anything thats breakable. any Earth based elements will get breaked through by the speed and static that is electro. Note that if you get this element, due to certain circumstances, you can NOT get black lightning. Weakest against Turbulance, Strongest against Tectonic.

Tectonic, Henton (Pure Earth): Stepping past the metal grants the user to create and manipulate all forms of earth. low rank lightning elements would get stopped like a ninja hitting a brick wall. the opponent must be of the pure to even stand a chance with this defencive element. Weakest against Electro, Strongest against Aqua.

Aqua, Akuton (Pure Water): Mixing with your Water Chakra can manipulate the water to the point in which the user can Change the Mass and Density of the water to make it thicker and heavier then earth. it can extinguish any fire based element (apparently not amaterasu, but any advance that has a fire as main). only pure earth chakra can combat this element with any efficiency. Weakest against Tectonic, Strongest against Inferno.


Token System:

We the staff have come up with a system that would make it less of a drag to train for everyt single jutsu you want to have. Not all of us have time to train for jutsu's, so our characters remain jutsu-less for quite sometime making us weak and vulnerable, unless your character is a kenjutsu specialist or you already have gotten all of the jutsu's you need, but that always isn't the case for some.

How the Jutsu Token System works is that if you do a good deed, win a tournament or something of the sort you will recieve one jutsu token that gives you a free pass to learn a jutsu without training for it.

However there is a limit to the number if jutsu tokens you can get because we don't want a whole bunch of people walking around the site with a hundred tokens so we have a maximum amount. Each person can only get 8 jutsu tokens. This number is bound to change so be on the look out. In the mean time have fun.

*Update 1* Jutsu/abilities on the limited list this systems cannot be used for that must be done by the roleplayer themselves.

*Update 2* Tokens cannot be used for SS rank jutsu.


Jutsu Training System:

This is simple. Each Jutsu will cost you an amount of words to learn.

D Rank ~ 250 words
C Rank ~ 500 words
B Rank ~  800words
A Rank ~ 1400 words
S Rank ~ 1600 words
SS Rank- 2000 Words.


Travel System:

This is simple. To get from one place to another, you must post a total of 4 times. One time going out of the village from the gate. Two times in the travel section, 1 to arrive and 1 to exit. Then, an arrival post in the village gates to your destination. And bam, you're done.


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PostSubject: Re: Misc. Active Systems    Mon May 06, 2013 9:29 pm

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Misc. Active Systems
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