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 The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow

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Yuki Shiro


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PostSubject: The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow   Sat May 04, 2013 5:14 am

The white cloaked HUnter-nin appeared suddenly in front the old red tavern. As the figure's thin slender digits gave away her gender as she pushed aside the curtains. The other patrons paused a moment to look at the new come before shrugging it off. Ninja came though enough that it wasn't a big deal.

The white cloaked women crossed the room with silents move over to a table sightly as another rood person looked up the masked women and nodded gesturing for them to take a seat. "Thank you for doing this ANBU-san. The cancer as been here too long." The black masked women nodded to the man as she replaced the mission scroll in her pouch. "Right sorry you want details. The Arms merchant locks himself up his palace and sends him men to do is dirty work, they are in boats out in the harbor as well as the market place during the night. During the day they all hold up in the place.

"I need you to take out some of the small fry but who you really need to kill is the leader then the rest will crumble. Please I beg of do this for me. Some of the other villages are becoming angry at us and are threatening invasion. Please help us." The bark hooded man begged.

The white haired women nodded before taking his hand and form a tiger sign with it showing that they had an accord. She quickly pulled out a piece of paper and began to write. Shiro liked to avoid speaking when ever possible. It helped to give the aloof ANBU appearance and added to her legend as a spirit. When she finished she passed the note to him to read over.

"When the job is done I will leave an 'X' on your door.
Meet me back here with payment."

The other hooded man nodded thanking the women profusely as she stood and left the tavern. With a body flicker she was gone off to prepare for the night. By her estimates that would take a few days perhaps; she defiantly needed time to plan if she was going to do this right.

Word Count [365]

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Yuki Shiro


Posts : 237
Village : Umigakure
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow   Sat May 04, 2013 5:41 pm

Shiro stared out at the market taking tally of the various people that walked around. Many were village folk finish up last minute thing before heading home, some were tourist looking for the night life, but there were a few that didn't fit in ether category.

These men wore black kimono's, and there face had various scars. They were test up in covered stalls with fabric fronts that blocked a passerby's, and her's, view of their wear. The black mask ANBU sighed, at the stupidity still she watched as a man entered the tent. A few minutes later a small row boat floated out on the black water heading toward a larger silhouette out on the water. So they weren't just as stupid as they looked it seemed interesting.

Shiro stood up her black cloak keeping her hidden against the sky. White signified her rank in the village but all ANBU captains carried a second cloak colored black. Stepping back from the ledge she turned started jumping across the roofs away from the market and shore line.


The Mistress of Ice and Snow landed with a soft thud by the bank of river as she looked at the large gray stone wall in front of her inhibiting her progress. She could see the gourds up on the walls looking out for people like her. She could also see the glow of the palace lights over the walls.

The rumble of a carriage pulling up forced her back to the trees as she watched the gates open as the footman showed the invitation. How interesting. The dealer of death was throwing a party it seemed how very interesting indeed. It was an opening a very good one. Sh drifted back into the dark returning back to her home base now that she had information and plan of action.


The black clothed guard sighed as he looked up and down the busy street, but no one was near their booth not that it was a bad thing. He was about to call it a night when a hooded figure dressed in back approached. In her hand was one of the crest that they gave to clients to show that they weren't the good guys.

He nodded and gestured to inside the tent. The hooded women nodded stepping, he followed behind her as the flap closed. "I'll need you to remove your cloak and any weapons you have on your person and I need to search you."

Her delicate hands reached up and pulled back the hood. Crimson hair tumbled out as eyes opened reveling stunning emerald eyes. Her beautiful face was only marred by a scare over her left eye. "Certainly, can't be too careful and all." Her voice was beautiful and delicate as she looked.

The guard looked at her a moment before he realized she hadn't taken the cloak off, "Your cloak miss?" He barelly got the words out before he fell to the floor dead.

Shiro made no face as as pulled her hood back up and stepped over the body through the second set of fabric. The boatman nodded as the robbed figure stepped in and sat down silently. He shrugged as he pushed them off and set them toward the ship.

Shiro looked out at the black water that reflected the beautiful stars disrupted as they passed. Sighing softly she dipped her hand into the water creating her own ripples. She let herself as a small moment of rest from her mission as she turned her gaze up to the sky. It was lovely out, the moon was bright and full, so full of light, unlike her. She was a creature that thrived in the dark, she shied away from the light. Monster didn't like the light it showed too much of what they wanted to keep hidden.

Her thought were interrupted when the boat was jostled suddenly. "We here miss."

"Yes thank you," She stood making her way over to the ladder climbing carefully. A hand reached over offering help up, she accepted. A moment later her feet here set on the boat deck.

"Welcome Miss, if you will come this way we will get down to business." A well dressed man took one of her hand bowing as he kissed hit before look at her his eyes twinkling. "Perhaps something warm is in order as well, you are freezing."

"That would be lovely thank you." The ANBU women said coyly as she let him lead her to the captain's quarters.

Carefully she removed her shoes as she stepped into the room. The quarters were designed to show the man's wealth, no doubt to impress buyers and women alike. Rich hard wood floors were dressed in elegant silk carpets. The room was light glowing lanterns and the moon light that filtered in. In the middle of the room a short table was place along with sever silk and velvet cushions.

"Have a seat, I hope you don't mind." He turned to take the tea pot from the burner by the door. "Perhaps you would like to take that hood off. It will warm up soon."

Shiro only smiled when he turned his back to her. With out a moment's hesitation she stilt his throat. He fell to the ground chocking before falling still. Taking the minute she had before the servant came she prepared herself for the fight to come. Her chakra was still full. Her left hand when to her right side pulling her beautiful rapier. It glowed faintly white as she did a few practice swings. Satisfied Shiro formed a one handed sign filling the air with a thick mist. The blue eyed ANBU breathed in deeply before stepping out into the deck.

When the fog cleared in the morning the local fisherman found a large ship being circled by sharks. When they stepped on they found the deck stained red.

Word Count: [989]
Total: [1354]
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Yuki Shiro


Posts : 237
Village : Umigakure
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow   Sat May 04, 2013 9:14 pm

Guards on the walls watch as a long procession of carriages were stopped at the gate one by one and then checked, then let through. Lord Donzo was having a lavish party in honor of his wife’s birthday. The celebrations have been going on for a week. This is the big night and therefore a large gala would be held. Many high-profile figures in the criminal underworld would be there to celebrate; it was a rare time for rivals to be in the same room with each other without trying to kill each other.

A red and gold carriage paused at the gates. The footman stepped out as normal handing over the invitation. The second guard walked over and checked the carriers to make sure no one else was trying to sneak in. He looked at the beautiful woman the carriage that underneath it before nodding to his partner.

“All clear,” he said. The large gates opened letting that carriage through. Little did they know that by the end of the night they would be without an employer.

Shiro smiled as she watched them pass through the grand gates into the palace courtyard. Like an associate the arms Lord had lavish taste, no doubt to impress women and buyers alike. The building was designed in the old-style hexagon shaped roofing and lots of columns the columns are painted red and gold. The gardens are well challenge and lives with many paper lanterns along with the light of the moon. The effect is stunning.

“We’re here, Miss Okoye,” the footman opened the door to the carriage letting Shiro out. The white-haired woman’s hair was mahogany brown, like her eyes. She was as elegantly dressed as the rest of the guest in her floor length, A-line, red satin gown; her hair down up with crimson fire lilies.

The brown haired women smiled as walked up the steps and waited to be announced to the party before joining the rest of guests. It was less than a minute before she was approached by a man in a black suite.

“Good evening Miss…” He trailed off as he looked up at her waiting for a name before kissing her gloved hand.


“Miss Okoye,” he kissed her hand before standing up to his height. “Might I say, you look stunning.”

“Thank you sir,” She curtsied, before letting him lead her to the dance floor, into a fast paced dance. The beautiful pair fell into step easily. Many other pairs fell back as pulled many fancy moves. “You dance well sir.”

“So do you.” He lifted her up before spinning her out. He pulled her back catching her. “Please call me Danzo.”

“As you wish.” She smiled sweetly as the song ended, both of them were out of breath.

“If you wait a moment.” He lead her off to the side and raised his hand calling a servant over.“Drink?”

“Yes, thank you.” Shiro smiled as she sipped the champagne before making a face. “It’s very sweet.”

“Sorry.” He smiled setting their classes on the tray of passing waiter. “Another dance?” He offered her his hand which she took.

It was a slow song allowing for talking as partners kept close to each other. “So do you abandon your wife on her birthday often?”

“She and I are more in a arrangement. We can woo anyone we want, we just have to come back to each other at the end of the day.”

“I see,” Her eyes spotted the gardens before directing over to the door. “Is it too much to ask for a tour of your gardens?”

“Not at all.” Danzo smiled as he told to guards to keep the other guest out. He was wholly infatuated with his rose women, in so small part to a little minor genjustu. His hand slid to her waist as he talked leading her further way from the party toward.
Shiro gasped when he suddenly kissed her. He chuckled as he pulled away. “Sorry. You’re just to beautiful.”

The brown haired women smiled, “Oh no you just surprised me is all.” She drew him toward her again. She kissed him passionately a moment before breathing artic air into his mouth slowly freezing him from the inside. A moment later she felt his heart still as he fell into dead. Hastily she set him against the wall closing his eyes.

The ruse would last long enough for her to disappear. She walked back to the party flirting and dancing her way to the door before disappearing into the night. No one saw the rose colored women again after than night and the weapons business in the Land between the lands died off as two of it main men were dead.


The hooded man jumped as a white cloaked figure appeared in front of the able before him. “Oh thank you. I heard the news just this morning. Thank you.” The silent figure nodded before holding her hand out. “Oh right, here’s your payment. Thank you again.” The white cloaked figure nodded before leaving.

Mission Complete

Word count [851]
Total [2205]
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Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow   Sat May 04, 2013 9:49 pm



" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow   

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The Black Mask: Assasion of Ice and Snow
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