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 Fukusū No Ken No

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PostSubject: Fukusū No Ken No   Sat May 25, 2013 4:48 am


Fukusū No Ken No

Multiple Sword Style

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History- Fukusū No Ken No was created not long after the creation of the village Donzogakure no sato. The village had always been interested in the use of swords, Kenjutsu was one of their main fighting styles and they decided to take it to the next level. This form of combat was formed by a ninja named Ryouhei Yukitaka who was a legendary rogue who traveled often. Because he was so skilled he had a high price to his name. Often he traveled by sea with fellow rouges to avoid danger. Originally the style was created just solely for multiple swords, but their were times when weapons were low so he had to thrive on few. Relying on less than three swords he made many techniques for different scenarios.

As years passed on Ryouhei Yukitaka strived for greatness by attempting to be the worlds greatest swordsman. Soon he developed a way to fight with up to seven swords, making it appear as if he had three heads and four arms all on one body and using all blades in the same time. This was at the height of the man's power, or the most his ability had to offer. Further into his life he and attained worthy students and made sure to teach them all he knew about Fukusū No Ken No. As he aged his power declined, but hie experience and skill soared. He had taught more than enough people to make sure his fighting style wouldn't die of with him. He had been the father of Fukusū No Ken No, the style that allowed people to utilize seven blades all in one brilliant swordplay.

Info- In Fukuso No Ken No (Multiple Sword Style), hard-line principles and strict formation do not exist; the practitioner must learn to become one with their body, executing movements as a single organism without hindrance or hesitation. Opposed to traditional hand to hand swordplay, the art of Fukuso No Ken No (Multiple Sword Style) focuses on the user executing techniques and maneuvers with their entire body rather than just two appendages, as well as harnessing the maximum speed and strength capable for the scenario and situation. This allows for the practitioner to assault their victims multiple times at equally as many locations in a single instant, seven in total when the style is mastered, heavily tilting the battle in their favor with the rapid onslaught rather than single blows which come one after the other.

Over all, the entire ideal of Fukusu No Ken No (Multiple Sword Style) is that the body has a natural way of moving - its own unique and personal groove, it's resonance - and that when one can learn to harness this natural movement is achieved the body can literally transition from one to another without delay. Just like a river can be calm and soft, only to turn into a raging maelstrom capable of cutting through the densest and adamant of mountains. With this not only can one protect themselves at a whim, but lash out and attack merely a fraction of a second later, ending the battle.

The blades are held first two are held in the hinge joint of the users right and left arm, another between there shoulder blade and neck, one in there mouth, under there left armpit, another between the hip joint of there right, raised leg and the back leg of the same raised leg

Seven Sword Style:


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Fukusū No Ken No
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