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 Aggressive Negotiations

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Kajiya Toshu


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PostSubject: Aggressive Negotiations   Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:23 am

Heavy footfalls were heard as Toshu approached the front gate. A guard saw the huge man arriving and went up to the bars, eying him suspiciously. "State your business." he barked, glaring at the giant. "I'm here to see your employer." said Toshu, looking down at him. The guard scoffed, turning away. "Not without an appointment, pal. And I think he woulda mentioned you." Toshu frowned. He despised informality, and this man was being needlessly rude. "I'm afraid my visit is unnanounced. Or rather, my visit is the announcement." He grabbed the gate. The thick iron bars bent like pipe cleaners in his hands, easily warping to make a path for him to enter. The guard turned and was reaching for his weapon when Toshu interrupted him. With a tug he pulled half the gate free of the wall, swinging it around to slam into the smaller man. The guard careened across the lawn, bones cracking before he landed in a heap against the wall. Toshu tossed the gate aside and made his way towards the door.

The mansion sprung into action. Guards came rushing out, spears and swords poised to skewer the attacker. Inside there was quite a ruckus going on, as the target was hurried to a safe room. The Smith paused as the mercenaries started moving to flank him. Looking around at them, he made a few hand signs. They started to move in, but it was too late. Blades clanged harmlessly off of thick iron skin. Toshu ignored them, slowly marching forward. He wasn't quick in this form, but he was just as strong and far more resilient. Weapons broke against his body, and those who couldn't get out of the way in time were crushed underfoot. Bones cracked as the man's immense weight came down on the chest of a fallen guard. Without skipping a step, Toshu made his way to the door. He paused for a moment, turning his back to the house and putting his hands on the ground. The charging guards were knocked flying as he tore up a colossal section of earth, larger than most houses. He turned, flinging it into the mansion point-blank. The building was ripped apart by the impact, leaving most of it in ruins.

[Words: 377]

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Kajiya Toshu


Posts : 89
Village : Shirotori
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PostSubject: Re: Aggressive Negotiations   Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:54 am

Toshu cringed a bit as he saw the massive boulder he had created still rolling. After smashing through his target's home, it had kept going and taken out at least a block of the town beyond. Regrettable, but a necessary evil. With the attacks on Raiugakure and Donzokogakure, the time for subtlety had long since passed. They needed to establish themselves. And if an iron giant in the white robes of the Shirotori didn't establish something, then nothing would.

Among the rubble, Toshu could see what he was looking for. A single structure had survived among the rubble of the mansion. A reinforced steel room, almost untouched by the devastation around it. These had been become popular lately as missing-nin activity had picked up. The rich and powerful had found something that could keep all but the most persistent attackers out. Toshu smirked. He was about to single-handedly wreck their business tonight. Well it might take two hands, but the point stood. After he showed how easily he could get into one, nobody would want one anytime soon.

He started to take a step forward when spotlights illuminated him. The authorities had noticed the flying hill that had crashed through their town, and had come to investigate with surprising speed. A voice rang out over a megaphone. "We have you surrounded! Surrender and you will not be harmed!" The mercenaries who had just seen him tear through their friends were less sure. The idea of letting someone who had killed their buddies be taken away unharmed, but they weren't really sure that it was possible to harm him at all. They decided to let the cops handle it, circling around to take up positions around the saferoom.

Toshu turned to face the town guards, putting his hands up. For a moment they thought they had the situation under control, until they saw the chunks of shattered masonry rising up around him. Commanders barked orders, and arrows fell like rain. Toshu let them rattle off him harmlessly for dramatic effect for a moment. Once he was satisfied he had inspired enough terror, he let loose. His arms swung forward, and uneven chunks of rock the size of a normal man's torso flew at the guardsmen. The stones tore through their ranks, breaking bones and sending men flying. Some of them tried to rally while others were already running. Those were the smart ones. The surviving group was smaller, and they bunched together into a defensive formation. Toshu turned his back to them, hiding the hand signs he was making. The mercenaries saw what he was doing and tried to shout a warning, but it was too late. Toshu turned to face the guardsmen, slamming his hand into the ground. The earth fell away beneath their feet. The men scrambled to get to the edge of the pit before it all collapsed, but only a handful made it. Toshu could hear the screams of the others as they fell onto the spikes below. He turned to face his target's personal guard, making eye contact. "Well." he said. "I suppose it's your turn."

[Word count: 520]

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Kajiya Toshu


Posts : 89
Village : Shirotori
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PostSubject: Re: Aggressive Negotiations   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:16 pm

The guards were backed up against the steel wall, trying to put on a brave face as the giant approached. It wasn't working. The men were visibly shaking, barely mustering up the will to hold their ground. Toshu raised his arms, and yet more chunks of fallen stone rose up around him. "You have a choice." he said, slowly advancing. "You can flee and live another day, or you can stand and die for the coward in that box. How much is he paying you?" A twitch of his finger sent a rock flying forward, smashing against the steel wall above their heads. "How much are your lives worth?"

The smart ones ran. A few managed to stand their ground. Toshu was disappointed, he hope he could get through this without too much more bloodshed. Instead, six brave fools were going to die. "Come on then." he beckoned. The first one charged, sword raised. Toshu made no effort to block as the man swung at his leg. The blade snapped against his metal skin. A backhanded swipe knocked the man aside, cracking bone. Toshu packed a punch normally, but the iron coating made his hits feel all the harder. A second guard charged with a spear, trying to stab at his eyes. Toshu tilted his head, letting the sharp point glance harmlessly off his cheek. His foot came up, pressing into the man's chest and stepping forward. The guard fell back, crushed under the giant's weight. Only four left now, huddled together with their swords forward. Toshu focused kinton chakra into a hand, and gave a quick swipe. His hand smashed through their swords, shattering them like glass. Before the men even had time to process what had happened, Toshu surged forward with an arm out. Their close formation was their downfall as the huge iron arm swept the men back, crushing them against the wall of the saferoom.

Toshu swept the pulverized bodies aside and knelt down, pressing the intercom button. "May I speak to the man of the house?" The voice that answered back wasn't that of his target. It was stronger, harsher. Probably a personal bodyguard. "If you came here to talk, you wouldn't have torn the whole damn house down." Toshu frowned. This man was being somewhat rude. "I am offering you a chance. Open this door, and I will spare your life. I have no quarrel with you, it is your master I have come for." The bodyguard's voice was angrier this time. "Not gonna happen. I swore an oath, and I plan to keep it." The huge man sighed. "Very well."

Toshu was always thorough in his work. He liked to read up on his enemies, do some research on what they might use against him. One could find all sorts of interesting things that way. For instance, that the intercoms on the inside and outside of this model of saferoom were right next to each other.

The bodyguard turned away from the intercom. He was about to go back over to his employer when a huge ironclad hand burst through the wall next to him. The arm wrapped around him, dragging him through and tearing a man-sized chunk of the inch-thick steel wall out to accommodate him. His ribs cracked under the pressure before he was tossed aside, lying helplessly next to a mass of crumpled steel. He could hear his employer screaming, but couldn't move to do anything about it.

Toshu widened the hole to let himself through, pushing the reinforced steel aside like soft clay. His target was curled up at the back of the room, in tears now. Toshu approached slowly, heavy footfalls clanging across the metal floor. A massive hand reached out, fingers wrapping around the crown of the man's head. He flailed desperately as the giant dragged him outside, holding him up among the ruins of his home. Then Toshu began to squeeze. The man's screams were soon cut short as his skull collapsed. Toshu let go, dropping his lifeless body a few feet away from his wounded bodyguard. "This was a warning shot." he said to the man, before flickering out of sight.

A block away, Toshu appeared in an alley. It wasn't much cover, but it would do for now. He took off the white robe and stuffed it in his pack, leaving himself in more casual clothes. The iron covering his skin cracked and fell away. He was still a giant and hardly inconspicuous, but his most distinguishing features were gone now. Under cover of darkness, Toshu made for the border. He would have to get out of this land's jurisdiction before he could stop to rest for the night.

[words: 785, total words: 1682]

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PostSubject: Re: Aggressive Negotiations   

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Aggressive Negotiations
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