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 Prom or Training?(Training)

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Gawain Hozuki


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PostSubject: Prom or Training?(Training)   Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:39 pm


Gawain had left the prom and headed for his hotel room, he found it had been a boring place to be and wanted to train more on his water jutsu. As he took off his prom clothes and stuffed them into his bag, he put on his regular clothes and left the hotel. Throwing the keys at the clerk and leaving out the hotel for good. He decided to take the time to work on his water jutsu instead of wasting his smokes in a lounge filled with young genin. As he ran out of the hotel he took a leap to a high building and took a sip of water. "Alrighty then.... first off lets learn this water wave jutsu." He said as his hands began to create the signs of the dragon, tiger and the hare. The chakra began to build in his mouth and it began to create a type of water chakra, which dwelled in low damage and didn't seem to be the type of jutsu to hurt an enemy easily. The jutsu was meant to wash away the enemy with a great waterfall like jutsu. The more chakra that is added into the jutsu the more it washes away. Gawain's chakra reserves, being at a low level, were only able to use this jutsu a few times in a fight. Gawain would release the water jutsu from his mouth as it hit the roof of the building and caused for it to fill up with with water, which began to overflow a tad bit and slide down into the streets of the village. Gawain sighed as he took another jump on to a box like machine and sat on it. His Legs crossing as he began to meditate for about three minutes. His chakra slowly flowing through his body, as his hands connected with each other in the seal of the dragon. His eyes closed and his mind calmed itself. Slowly regulating his breathing he would move to the next hand sign in the set. The tiger hand sign. A second after the change his eyes shot open and he took a breath in and held it. His chest sticking out further then usual. The muscles in his face tensed up and his chakra began to flow upwards into his mouth. As it circled in it and slowly transitioned into water. After so Gawain's hands took the form of the hare hand sign. At this point the chakra was now the form of water. it started rampaging in his mouth. The hand sign locked in and gawain would release the jutsu from his mouth once again. His lips parting and the chakra bursting out like a rampage of boars down the side of a river. The soft, calm water that filled the roof of the building was met with the water of Gawain's mouth. The spot in which they were connected made a large splash. The water growing way over the point the water would be able to stay in the roofs vicinity. An unlucky man would be hit by the water and utter a few curse words towards him. Gawain would simply smile and sigh.

Word Count: 531
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Prom or Training?(Training)   Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:03 am



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Prom or Training?(Training)
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