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 Kujira, Han

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Kujira Han

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PostSubject: Kujira, Han    Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:31 am

❊ Kujira, Han. ❊

"Once you pick it up, don't put it down until it's done."

Personal Information

AGE: Thirteen
VILLAGE: Kemurigakure no Sato

Appearance Information

HEIGHT: Four feet seven inches.
WEIGHT: Eighty-three pounds.
EYE COLOR: brown
LOOKS DESCRIPTION: Thin an lithe with sinewy form. While his physique is nothing to dote on, he stands erect as a spear. Giving confidence an posture where height and weight are lacked. Most make note of his hair when they meet him, as its color is rather strange. Teal jaw-length hair, rests in waves around his face. Some would make the state that "he is comely", but his indifferent facial expressions give way to little charisma. A head-protected with the seal of the Smoke village is worn around his neck.

Of clothing, Han dresses in a manner that is not completely elusive to the world he lives in. Over his mouth is a small device that filters air or tersely put, a gas mask. The item is small consisting only of the space around his lips, and a small metal cylinder with a filter on the end. His torso is wrapped in white bandages, but only small portions of this can be seen, as he wears a open(never buttoned) button-up shirt. The shirt is the same color as the bandages. Around his waist is tied his katana, which is attached by a strap that loops around the waist and reconnects to the bottom of the swords sheath. This is worn on his right hip. His pants are simplistically black, with shuriken and kunai pouches on the left leg. A scroll pouch is located on his left hip. Han wears the normal shinobi sandals.

Personality Information

PERSONALITY INFORMATION: Like most young ninjas, Han is in a phase of complete learning. So his personality can appear dull or borish, due to his time spent on his studies of the ninja way. Though that does not fully establish a pallidness in his persona, rather shows his hunger for the knowledge of the world. The boy's interests--in way of combative interests form in the metaphor of the swordsmen. Raised with his father's dogmatic religious beliefs of "swordsmanship" Han is severely callous on the subject. The ideals of father or rather dreams, have been inherited by the son.

Aside from his rigorous diligence in way of profession, Han is rather lost in the complexities of human relationships. He has little to zero charisma, and as it has previously been mentioned, does appear to most as borish, uninteresting, lame, et cetera. Though I wanted to touch on the subject further as it straddles heavily the person that he is. It is not from an disinterest that he is socially malignant. Han's parents have just failed to make "being" socially acceptable a staple in his upbringing. He is a boy of no fluff, black and white.

The boy has strict thoughts of duty, unwavering and unmalleable with any other substance. I speculate that it would take an event of horrid despair to throw him off the path that has been lain below his feet. In terms of morals and ethics, Han has little intention of hurting others, unless of course, there's eminent threat or danger for his own life, and/or by request of a mandated official higher upon the chain of command than himself. But that is not to say he does not question life--like an old philosopher, he indulges in mass quantities of books. Knowledge, Han knows is synonymous with the way of the sword.

Of the things that are not or could not be contributed to his list of "good" or "favorable" attributes--his temper must be noted upon. While usually calm and mild mannered: Polite--Han has the tendency to over exert himself in horribly lame and sarcastic gestures or malicious threats. These are often attributed lightly in his personality, as such flair-ups are rare, but often caused by people his own age, who antagonize him.

LIKES: Novels. Comic books. Old swords. Kendo training or rather the idea of aspiring to be a great swordsman, not the process which one must go through to attain it.
DISLIKES: His father. Being bothered constantly. His own temper. The intellectually stunted. Hedonistic people.
NINDO: Once you pick it up, don't put it down until it's done.

Equipment Information

NAME: None
TYPE: Katana
APPEARANCE: Han's katana is nothing special, its size is fitting to those of its kin. The blade has a slight curve, and the tsuba is gently decorated with flowers. The hilt is wrapped with brown cloth, and the weapon's sheath is black.
ORIGIN: This simple katana was gifted to Han by his father.

  • Five Kunai
  • one roll of steel wire
  • Seven shuriken
  • Three smoke bombs
  • Gas mask

Combat Information

    Main: Kenjutsu
    Sub: N/A
    Main: Wind
    Sub: N/A

FLAWS/WEAKNESSES: While still young his mind is malleable and could be coerced into different ways of thinking. This weakness goes through to the core of him, as young people desperately seek out who they will become.

Jutsu Information

Academy Jutsu:


History Information


Han was born to--like so many others, a shinobi family. His father had at one time, been a swordsmen of good repute, but as he retired and began running a kendo school, his interests turned to drinking and affairs. The inherit gene for which one must have to enjoy kendo was easily passed from father to son. From an early age, in fact, his first memory was in his father's kendo school. A wooden swords in hand, thrusting down awkwardly, while his father yelled over his shoulder "you're doing it wrong again!".

Following in his footsteps was easier than he had assumed, and with little trepidation, he passed through the academy, earning his head-banner and certificate. Though there are times in which he is reminiscent of his school, rather focusing on studies, he would have connected with his fellow classmates, but these thoughts don't tend to linger, as he is collectively busy on the road of the shinobi.

Miscellaneous Information

Not required for a genin.
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Hideyoshi Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Kujira, Han    Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:30 am

Sorry before this can be approved you must give the correct password
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Kujira, Han    Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:35 am

Approved 1/2


Approved Missions:
D: 2
C: 3
B: 1
A: 0
S: 0

Rank-up points: 13

How Not to Write a Novel wrote:
Some writers are convinced that since great modern authors like Joyce and Faulkner are difficult to understand, writing that is difficult to understand is therefore great writing. This is a form of magical thinking, analogous to the belief that the warrior who dons the pelt of a lion thereby acquires its strength and cunning.
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Uchiha Shoshi
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PostSubject: Re: Kujira, Han    Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:28 pm

One minor thing: put your character's name at the top of the application. Other than that, it's fine.
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Kujira, Han    Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:52 pm


  • 2/2


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Kujira, Han    Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:25 pm

Purchased Weapons.

Name: Muttsu Hoshi (Sword of the six star rope)
Type: Katana/projectile variant
Rank: C-A [Please read abilities to understand what I mean. The sword has seals on it which cannot be broken until the specific level of power is reached or rank.]
Description: This weapon, by its look alone is very unconventional. A katana variant, as the sword without the attachments, is in fact a typical katana. The tsuba of the sword is extremely thick, by that I mean, three inches of steel. With two chain links on either side of tsuba, attached to these to links, is one blue-felt rope--when attached to the two links it creates a large loop. The rope is hollow, and essentially provides an aesthetic look for the chain that reside within. The diameter of the rope is only slightly larger than the chain that resides within [the chains diameter is an average chain size]. The ropes length is thirty feet. While this may look strange, it is used to manipulate giant shuriken that are attached along its length [the rope runs through the center hole of the giant shurikens].

First Seal: The first seal of this sword is unlocked at the rank of Genin, and it allows for the use of the first two giant shuriken.

Second Seal: The second seal of this sword is unlocked at the rank of Chuunin, and it allows for the second two giant shuriken to be used.

Third Seal: The third seal of this sword is unlocked at the rank of Jounin, and it allows for the final two giant two shuriken to be used.

Origin: The story of the Muttsu Hoshi is a rather tattered one, the blade and shurikens were forged from the melted swords of fallen shinobi of a great war past. The object itself was a gift to Kujira O'hanuu [Han's grandfather] from a previous Keukage. The sword itself is what killed O'hanuu [through misuse], and has been named "Secret" or "Dangerous" by the Kujira family. The sword was passed to O'hanuu's son, and from there to Han.

Purchased Item.


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: Kujira, Han    

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Kujira, Han
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