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 River Clan

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Resonate River


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PostSubject: River Clan   Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:12 am

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Clan Name: River Clan

Bloodline Name: KamiNari

Bloodline Ability: Thunder Release- the slight mixture of the elements of lightning and Wind to create a force of chakra that is said to resemble the ideal of the how thunder feels when it is heard in the sky. The Chakra is much like a supersonic wave in many ways as it is able to repel forces as well as harm them.

Location: Formerly Raiugakure

Clan History:The river clan came from up above from the beginning to be as said angels to deliver the judgement of the world. But as life went on the angels committed evil deeds with the human race as of to say to make a mixed up breed. And be inhuman still in a way. But also to pass down there element of thunder which was something not given to humans at first due to the angels wanting there own perfect element of their own to use when needed.

Doing these deeds got them banned from heaven it self. Which made these deeds keep going through the years even with incest and other things to keep the angel in the family. A godly form they could use In time of need if something ever started to go wrong. These wings would only during the transformation heal any and all wounds on the users body. But once they are healed they can be reopened and can't be healed by the wings till next transformation. Which this drains alot of chakra.

Clan traits: Extremely strong bones, built to withstand their own power, as well as being denser making it have a less chance to break.
Clan Weaknesses: Inability to learn/Use specialties such as Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu.
Slower then most ninja.
Requirements: Born into it

Members Resonate River (Clan Leader)



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PostSubject: Re: River Clan   Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:07 am

approved 1/2
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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: River Clan   Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:10 am

2/2 Aprroved
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PostSubject: Re: River Clan   

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River Clan
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