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 But if you serve him, and he serves you back... [Mission]

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: But if you serve him, and he serves you back... [Mission]   Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:28 pm

Mission here

Arumi checked her orders for what seemed like the millionth time. Why did this district have to be so hard to navigate? She turned down another side street, checking the houses for the address she was looking for. Just when she seemed to be getting close, the numbers changed and she had to start looking all over again. Arumi decided she was going to do two things when she was done with the mission: buy a map, and strangle the guy who planned this neighborhood.

Finally, common sense overcame pride and Arumi stopped to ask for directions. The man was cagey at first, asking for money and hinting at wanting something else in return for the information. Arumi glared, sticking two right hands out of her cloak, clenched into fists. The man went pale and quickly changed his tune. He stammered out where she needed to go, and got the hell out of there as soon as she was satisfied with his answer. Arumi went on her way with a smile. Sometimes being a feared monster could be really useful.

When she arrived at the address on the mission scroll, Arumi's patience was already practically gone. She hammered on the door with one hand, glaring at the peephole. "Open up!" she shouted, pounding harder. After a moment, a nervous man opened the door a crack, with a chain keeping it from opening much further. Seeing that the chain could be trouble, Arumi took out a kunai under her cloak and started working wind chakra over it, strengthening it to break in if she had to. The weapon and jutsu remained hidden, but there was a faint smell of smog as she worked the chakra.

"What do you want?" asked the man, glaring through the crack. She could see he wouldn't be too much trouble. He was a bit taller than her, but scrawny, and he didn't carry himself like he'd had any training. The report said he was a small-time con man, and that seemed about right. "You missed your court date again, genius. Last chance to do things the easy way." Realizing what was going on, the man tried to slam the door. Two arms shot out from the cloak and held it in place. That only freaked him out more. He let out a very undignified scream and ran back into the slummy apartment, leaving the chained door open behind him. Arumi stabbed the wind-enhanced knife into one of the links, and the chakra easily cut through the cheap metal. She dispelled the wind chakra and stuck the kunai back in its pouch, pushing into the apartment and giving chase.

Once inside, she encountered a bit of a problem. Arumi realized she hadn't seen which way the man had went, whether he was hiding or had made a break for it. She focused, and her tongue stretched and grew, becoming long and forked. The genin tasted the air, quickly picking up the man's trail. He was hiding under the bed. What kind of chump was he? Arumi sauntered into the bedroom, letting the tension build. She knew that he had heard her growling as she transformed, and he had to be imagining what sort of horrible things were going to happen to him now. She knew that she wasn't supposed to hurt him, but he probably didn't. That sort of fear and power was pretty amusing to her. Pondering for a moment, she decided to give him another scare. Standing right next to the bed, her body tensed up and she began to growl as her ears grew and stretched to become long, thin, and pointy. She could hear his heartbeat now. His heart was racing, she had spooked him all right.

Arumi paused to look over the bed. It was a cheap model, one of those do-it-yourself arrangements that came with an allen wrench and poorly translated instructions. It would have to be pretty lightweight. She smirked. Nothing like a show of force to cap things off. Her right arms grabbed the frame of the bed, tipping it up and revealing the cowering man under it. The cheap frame cracked as it hit the wall. "Got y-" Arumi started to shout, but was quickly cut off when the man threw a blanket over her head and ran past her.

She was furious now. Arumi tore through the blanket, giving chase. He had a head start, but she was faster, and could hear and smell him. He almost fell down the fire escape, while Arumi burst through the window close after him and jumped across the alley. He looked up to see her crawling across the wall on all six limbs, cloak flowing behind her as she moved. He started to run, but even while she was moving oddly for intimidation the ninja was still faster. She jumped again, tackling the man. He landed hard, hitting his head on the street and knocking himself out. Arumi sighed, grabbing him with all four arms and lifting him onto her shoulders. They never said he had to be conscious when she brought him in, and technically she hadn't roughed him up. That was the street's fault.

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PostSubject: Re: But if you serve him, and he serves you back... [Mission]   Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:36 pm



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But if you serve him, and he serves you back... [Mission]
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