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 Winter Winds Blowing[Open]

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Hyuga Sakura


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PostSubject: Re: Winter Winds Blowing[Open]   Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:01 am

Sakura looked from Kuroi to Kira as their focused was placed onto her - certainly a change of events she hadn't very much expected. Of course she was registering everything they said and was already coming up with ideas herself over the whole situation."Well," she started, "I have dealt with many expert ninja, just as intelligent as you two are, which is saying a lot--" she paused for a moment letting the comment sink in with fascination over their possible reactions "--That said, while the ideas are great, good shinobi always learn as much as they could about places they are going before they do so, so likely they could easily figure out our defensive patterns. I'm not sure on how we can solve this, but I'm just saying it should be taken into consideration." She looked at them now for a response. Of course though the entire security idea would make things harder for her to maintain the cover she had been maintain for years, but regardless, she cared for Umigakure to a varying degree enough to take the risk.

She focused more so on Kira now by his statement. She chortled; a short and almost childish sound, as always. "Well, he proposed to me and it would be rude to deny," she said, shrugging slightly. "Do you really oppose to it?" she asked Kuroi, blinking. Deciding to get more of a reaction, she added, "Besides, I do love him," she said, looking at Kuroi now with a smile. Of course she loved everyone just the same though, so her words weren't all that meant to be taking literally, but her love was always "magnified" in a way, so what most people considered love enough to die for another, she always felt that level of love for everyone. Regardless, love was love and she felt it towards him.
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Kuroi Shimada


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PostSubject: Re: Winter Winds Blowing[Open]   Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:03 pm

Kuroi's icy gaze moved over to Kira as he laughed, almost falling off of the pillar,"

Young, Oh Tadashi you have much to learn. I may indeed be young, but my mental and body capacity exceeds that of a ten year old and i would be more than happy to prove that. As for me being to young, no there is never a time where you have to be a certain age to be with someone, life is short so i would rather spend it with her than be some lonely old man in the future. Besides if she doesn't see a problem with it i surely do not either

,"his eyes went back over to Sakura as she mentioned she loved him. This took him by surprised and knocked him off of his pillar, only to come back onto it with a small smile," I wonder in what context she meant of that...Well never had someone say that to me besides Shiro," thinking to himself as he continued to look at her.

His mind was now mulling over everything as he sat there on the frozen pillar, his eyes flickering from left to right occasionally. Whether or not Kira approved of his engagement to Sakura, he would not really care. He would still go through with it, unless of course his cousin tried to kill him over such things, but he knew that Shiro would support him. Taking a deep breath he would smile,"

Besides its not everyday you get to meet a beautiful woman like Sakura and she reluctantly says yes to you

," nodding to himself as he waited for something to happen.
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Tadashi Kira


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PostSubject: Re: Winter Winds Blowing[Open]   Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:25 pm

Having heard all this talk about love, Kira felt as though he no longer belonged in this conversation, the topic surely turning the tables on him. He would give a strict look to Sakura as he was surely in denial of this engagement. He would grin as these words would surely be his last in this event, something he would expect Kuroi to be proud of; the perverted bastard. "Well... Kira began "I would never like to involve myself between two lovers, especially ones who are engaged. Besides, I, myself, have an important mission to attend to, thus I must be going." With this, Kira would perform the Dance of the Shikigami, something far greater than his unaffectionate Art of Folding Paper. He would utilize the paper chakra in his body to reform himself into a tiny bird, taking off as he would soar swiftly through the next tunnel, now rendering himself out of sight so he could take care of other personal matters.

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PostSubject: Re: Winter Winds Blowing[Open]   

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Winter Winds Blowing[Open]
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