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 Caving for Dummies

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Chinatsu Taiyo


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PostSubject: Caving for Dummies   Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:43 am

Chinatsu sighed as she stared at the underground maze before her before sighing as she turned on her head lamp and headed inside. She sighed looking around. The last place someone had seen the kid was just outside this cave. The bad part of this was this was a normal spot for Bagermoles to come hunting so she had to watch out for Wolfbats and Bagermoles. The only good thing she had counting for her was that she was an earth chakra user that might help a little bit.

She walked another three hundred yards in before coming to a fork in her way one kept strait and the other went left. She shivered, despite her coat, at the cold chill that seemed to breathe out of the caverns. Chi sighed as she pulled out a ryo and flipped it before turning back on her head lamp and going to the left; hope luck was on her side; she created four clones to go the other way. She would come back to that point in a few hours; if she hand guess wrong then hopefully the clones had lead the kid back to where she could meet him "I to hope Karmi you're down here Kid." She looked around nervously before taking off running, she really hated this mission.


Chi frowned and stomped her foot frustrated at the lack of luck she was having. Cave tracking was a pain unless someone was leaving marks and this Bagermole wasn't. The earth shook making her heart beat triple and her blood run cold fearing that is was a cave in.
Chi jumped back and froze as she stared face to face with giant Bagermole, in her book was slightly better than a cave in. Chi swallowed as she let its tongue wash over her. They lived in the dark therefore didn't need to see, other senses worked just as well. After a moment it retracted the appendage and stared at her intently.

“Hello,” She reached over slowly touching its nose; the fur was soft and smooth. The large mammal nudged her again, trying to get at her pocket. “Hey, no that’s not for you!” The creature nudged again before licking her. “Fine, here have some, jeeze you are pushy.” She pulled out a rice ball that she had been saving for lunch, the long slimy tongue wrapped around it before retracting back and chewing.

“You aren’t so bad, but pushy for food, but then again maybe it’s just you.” Chinatsu sighed as she sat down beside the giant mammal and continued to pet him. Another rumble made the blonde shiver, as she looked at the ceiling of the cavern. “You wouldn’t happen to know if it will cave in or not would you?” The thing just looked at her before sniffing at her pocket again. “Thought as much. Here, my last one.”

The blonde sat there a bit thinking before, looking at her new friend. “You think you can help me find someone?” The Bagermole stared at her a moment. Chi sighed taking her best shot and pulled out the piece of cloth that old lady had given her with the her pet’s scent on it.

The large mammal sniffed at it several moments before turning around and breaking though the rock. “Hey wait up!” She followed after having to resort to chakra to keep up, for being big and blind these things were fast. The mole paused a moment and seemed to stare at her, before returning to tunneling at a slower rate. “Thanks,” She managed to breathe out as she recovered her breath; absently she wondered how far away they were from the village and sun light.

The rock turned from bark black to an interesting shade of red, some spots even seemed to reflect the light from her headlamp but the mole was moving too fast for her to stop and look. Several minutes later the giant badgermole stopped. Chi stared as she listened to a child crying. Carefully she walked around to the front.

The blonde genin could see why the child hadn’t come home. The ravine was fifteen feet wide and at least twenty feet deep, though it was hard to tell in the dark. “Natsumai, can you hear me?”

The crying stopped as a small voice echoed back. “Who’s there?”

“My name is Chinatsu, I was sent to find you. Can you tell me if you are hurt anywhere?”

“My ankle…I-I can’t stand.” Chi cursed under her breath trying to think.

“Ok, give me a minute, don’t worry I’ll get you out. I promise.” The blonde opened pouch and started doing through it. She had enough ninja wire to get down there and back, but, the stuff would cut her hands. She looked down at the girl in the fissure and cursed as she started unwinding the metal string and tied it around a rock before tying a loop that she could use climb up and down.

Chi sighed setting her things on the ledge as she cut off part of her pant legs and jacket to wrap around her hands before moving to climb down. “Ok Natusmai, I’m coming just hold on.” The climb was slow going; about half way down the wire had cut through the binds on her hands and cutting her skin. Chin sighed, she was going to need stiches after this but that really wasn’t a bit deal at the moment.

The blonde sighed as she her foot touched the ground and she was able to let go of the wire. She ran over to the girl. “Hey there,” She looked the girl over happy to see that she was OK aside from her ankle. “Can you hold onto me real tight?” The girl repsoned by tightening her hold around Chinatsu.

The climb up was much harder than going down, twice she had to stop to readjust her grip as to not slice her hand any worse. Chi hissed as made one final tug to the top and flopped down; she made a not to work out more later, that was way too tiring. “You ok kid?” She got a small squeeze and a nod she could feel. OK then, let’s get you back home. Friend can you lead us the way back?” The mole seemed to stare before turning and trudging back though the tunnels. Chinatsu followed figuring, hoping, it was going out.


Chinatsu sighed in relief, as she stepped outside; the girl had fallen asleep on her back, and was drooling. Chi turned to the mole and bowed thanking him before the large mammal went back inside. The blonde genin sighed as she adjusted her grip under the girls legs before heading to the hospital.


The blonde’s smile turned to a wince as the doctor started healing her hands up; his chakra meshed weirdly with hers, it felt like little explosions in her hand. After a moment it was done and her hands were good as new. Chinatsu smiled and waved at the girl and her mother, as the doctor healed the girls ankle up as well, before she left. She yawned curing the fact that it was two in the morning.

Word Count: 1207

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PostSubject: Re: Caving for Dummies   Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:50 am



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Caving for Dummies
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