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 Cooling down [Training]

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Cooling down [Training]   Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:21 am

As soon as she was back at the compound, Arumi headed for home. She quietly slipped in through her window and headed downstairs. Sleep could wait. Right now, she was too angry to rest properly anyway. She went to the wardrobe in the back room downstairs and pressed the knot in the back. The back panel slid open, revealing a tunnel. Arumi stepped inside and closed the panel behind her. She knew there wouldn't be any outsiders here, but she had been taught to be careful. Just in case an intruder slipped in, the way to the Temple Obscura had to be hidden well. No fuinjutsu, those could be sensed and might lead a snoop right to it. Just a simple, unobtrusive mechanism. In a ninja village, nobody would be looking for that.

Before long, she reached her destination. A massive door stood before her, marked with the symbol of her clan. Arumi hung her cloak on a hook outside the door. It would be disrespectful to hide her blessings inside. She then turned to the door and spoke. “I wish to bask in the glory of the Three-Headed Father.” With a rumble, the heavy doors swung open on their own.

As soon as she stepped inside, she could feel the change. The rules of the physical world no longer applied here. She felt lighter one second and heavier the next. The room was impossibly large on the inside, stretching out for miles in all directions. This was where she felt most at home. She walked down a shifting stone path and climbed the seven steps to the platform where she always meditated. It was a simple stone dais, with the Sigil Obscura marked on it. Arumi sat down and began to focus.

After a few minutes of meditation, she could feel the ground shift. Her anger had called something. Arumi opened her eyes, looking across the desert in front of her. The sand fell away into a deep pit, and something massive crawled out. A huge, shelled creature set itself down beside her platform, curiously looking her over. “Something troubles you, Child of Our Father.” its low, powerful voice shook the whole area around them. Arumi just nodded. ”Tell me then.”

Arumi took a moment to get her thoughts in order before she spoke. “Just another genin was hassling me, treating me like a moron. Getting sick of it.” The Dratossi bobbed slowly, as if to nod. ”And you lack the tongue to respond in kind.” Arumi nodded again. ”There are some gifts I cannot give, Child of Our Father. Your words are yours to craft. Your tongue, however, I can help with.” A massive pincer, larger than her entire body, reached out and lightly touched its tip to her forehead. Arumi was wracked with pain as the new transformation came over her. She toppled over backwards, seizing up. It took a few minutes for the agony in her mouth to subside, and by then her benefactor had vanished back into the sands. When she could breathe again, she felt the inside of her mouth. Nothing seemed too different. Curious about what the Dratossi had said, she stuck out her tongue and was surprised when it stretched, whipping out a good ten feet. Arumi stood, bowing in thanks to the desert before she left. She would sleep well tonight.

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Chinatsu Taiyo


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PostSubject: Re: Cooling down [Training]   Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:12 pm

Approved, kind of funny to read.
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Cooling down [Training]
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