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 Flying for Dummies

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Chinatsu Taiyo


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PostSubject: Flying for Dummies   Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:10 pm

The blonde yelped as she reached over to hit her alarm clock and have it suddenly explode. She glared over at the door to see her oldest brother,Haruki, standing by the door smirking while Jiruo laughed behind him. Chinatsu mentally promised to get him later before rolling out of bed. "What is so important to you have to wake me early?"

The older blonde grinned ruffling her hair. "I thought you'd be excited to learn to fly today. I guess I can just put if off another time..."

"No wait, give me a second get dressed!" Haruki laughed as she closed the door, telling her not to hurry and she still needed to eat breakfast. Chinatsu paid little mind as she pulled on her cloths and grabbed her clay bag running out the door. This day had suddenly just got better even if she had lost a few hours of sleep; she was going to learn flying!


Chinatsu stood and watched her brother took some clay out of his bag and flawlessly made one of his birds before forming half the explosion sign. The youngest Taiyo in the field stared as it grew suddenly to a large size and her brother hopped on before directing it to take off.

“I thought flying was C2 stuff!” She stared up at Haruki while Jiruo zoomed by on his bird.

“The dragon is, but it’s not the only thing. C1 when expanded can be used, and it much faster than the C2 Dragon, though it can’t carry as many people. Surprisingly the only had part about this learning to fly and fight.

“The first thing you need to do is make something that can fly.”

“Ok,” She reached into her bad and let her hand grab some clay chewing, a few moments later it spat out a small four winged bird. “What next?”

“Have it sit out in front of you, then form half the explosion seal and release some chakra.” The youngest sibling nodded do as she was told before being thrown back in the explosion, her ears ringing slightly.

“Oops, too much, chakra.” Haruki sighed telling her to do it again. Chi smiled and nodded after her ear stopped ringing. Slowly she formed her four winged bird again and had it out in front of her. The seal was like the confrontation seal, slowly she began to channel chakra into it till it was almost at the exploding point before stopping, suddenly there was a poof of smoke and a giant four winged bird that looked just like the miniature one.

“Good, get on and I’ll show you real quick out to fly. Most of it is just practice. Learn to make it expand real fast, it’s a useful skill for C3 explosives.” Chi nodded hopping on the bird, it was a little weird, but she stuck her feet to the back with a bit a chakra as it took off.

“This is so cool!”

“Now direct it with her your mind where you want to it to go after you get the hang of that start trying to model and fly at the same time.” Chi nodded and started moving around, she grinned as she moved her body left and right weaving like she is surfing on air.

“This is awesome!” She shouted after flying awhile she smileed and pulls out clay and starts to model, freaks when her altitude lowers before focing on flying again. After a few more tries she laughs as several of her spiders form in her hand and she is still flying. She cheers again before landing and jumping and tackling her older brother in a hug. “Thank you!” He smiles and ruffles her hair and pulls her hat down.

"Happy Birthday little sister."

Word Count:628
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Flying for Dummies   Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:14 pm

Birthday approved.


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Flying for Dummies
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