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 Mission: finding a child

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PostSubject: Mission: finding a child   Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:19 pm


Tokiwa sat there and listened to the woman cry and talk about her missing child. Tokiwa felt quite bad for the mother, she understood the feeling of losing a mother, so she was pretty sure the reverse was also pretty bad. Hopefully tokiwa could make her feel better by finding the kid. Tokiwa left after getting all the info she could get. The kid had apparently vanished after going out to play, however he never returned. Tokiwa really hoped nothing bad happened to the kid, that would just make things all the worse. She made it to the place that the boy was known to play at. It was pretty late in the day so there wasn’t anyone really around to ask questions. She explored the area, it was a small playground, with swings and the like, the ground around the playground was sand, so she didn't think they would be much in the way of footprints or anything of that sort. She searched the area and really there wasn't much to find. Tokiwa sat on top of a nearby building, and took a look from a higher point. She sat up there, however it was slowly getting dark. Tokiwa decided it would be best for her to watch the park all night just encase something would show up, however as hours passed Tokiwa began to become tired. And nodded.

Tokiwa dream of being back at the village of Raiugakure, playing haply in a playground with her mother. She laughed and smiled, everything was good. Then there was a flash and everyone was gone, she looked around frantic looking for her mother, she ran though the village, then the sky grew black and building burst into flames she ran faster and faster however the flames just continued to get worse. Then she stopped looking foreword she saw her mother standing there, she slowly reached her arm out at tokiwa, then a rumble and the ground cracked under her and the ground swallowed her. Tokiwa began to cry.

Tokiwa awoke tears rolling down her face, she quickly wiped her face off and checked around her. It was still dark out, and there wasn't much else going on. She didn't plan on falling asleep like she did. She was about to move to another area, in till she saw someone on one of the swings. She jumped down and slowly moved closer. She soon noticed it was a boy, and from his appearance it looked like the one she was looking for. As she walked closer, the boy noticed her he jumped up and slowly started to back away from her, “Who are you, what do yo want?” he would say continuing to back away from her. “I'm a Tokiwa and I am here to return you to your mother.” tokiwa would say reaching her hand out to him. He would continue to back away. “I can't go back...” the boy would mutter. Tokiwa confused would stop, “why cant you go back, your mother really misses you.” tokiwa would say trying to figure out what was going on. “I can't tell you....they said they would...” he would start to say something but would stop himself from finishing. “Why can't you tell me.” she said taking another step foreword. “I just can't leave me alone!” the boy would yell before running away. Tokiwa would of normally just grabbed the boy right there, but she wanted to know what was up. She followed him silently watching him, from the rooftops.

After a short while the boy entered some sort of warehouse, Tokiwa sat and watched the boy talk to two men standing at the door. They pushed him around a little before letting. She moved up close to a upper outside window and tried to listen in. inside she saw a few men standing around moving boxes and the boy talking to a very large man in the room seemingly barking orders. However the man then seemed to get mad at something and hit the boy quite hard knocking him away. Tokiwa, growled, before taking a few steps back, then running froward, launching a jump kick though the window, shattering the glass, and slamming into the large mans face, knocking him back. Tokiwa would flip back onto her feet, however she would quickly duck down under a punch launched from one of the other men standing behind her, Quickly launching a spinning low kick as she did so knocking the man down. She slowly rose to her feet looking around the other men seemly were seemed ready to attack however weren’t sure if it was good idea or not. Then all the sudden the large man she had knocked down at the start got back up and lifted a large box over his head, “I'll crush you little brat!” he would yell out. Tokiwa had hoped she wouldn't need to use any ninjutsu, but she needed something to take down the large man. She quickly built up lightning chakra into her right hand, and slid backwards placing her hand pointed at the man behind her, and then quickly unleashed the shotgun blast of lightning out shocking the man knocking him down. As soon as the others saw that they ran, fearful of trying to take down a ninja. She quickly tied up the large man, she would tell the higher ups that he is here. She quickly moved over to the boy, who was out cold however, from what she tell was fine. She carried him home, the mother joyful of seeing her little boy again. Tokiwa told her that another ninja would come by soon and ask the boy some questions, about what was quite going on. Tokiwa took her payment then went on her way.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission: finding a child   Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:30 am



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Mission: finding a child
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