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  My Focus [solo training]

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Kujira Han

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PostSubject: My Focus [solo training]   Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:31 am

Again he came, just before the sun arose. Han stood on the training field with nothing but his bokuden and a scroll he stole from his dojo. The scroll had been hidden in the shrine, underneath the floorboards. Han had came across it once before, when cleaning the floors, he took notice of a loose board, and pried it free. He was much younger then, and now, with a little more training under his belt, he was ready to apply the tactics he read of. Han unraveled the scroll, moonlight barely giving enough light to read. Luckily the kanji was large enough, and be began reading the text.

The process of the technique, like most other Smoke Village style kenjutsu, was to employ physical momentum into one's one blade. This called for much more than that, though in its own way, reminiscent of the 'Wild top technique'. The technique called for numerous front-flips in great speed, and in large quantity. He would start there. Front flips or front tucks would be his first focus of the morning. Unstrapping his sword-belt, he went about stretching his body. In the normal manner, of course, grabbing his toes, doing the splits, and a basic warm-up routine consisting of push-ups and sit-ups.

Once all that was completed he began the silly business of summer-salts, this lasted for thirty minutes, getting him ready for front-flips or front tucks. Han's hands began to hurt from the pressure so he stopped and drank some water out of a spicket. The water rolling down his face, as he paused for long gags of air. The sun was beginning to stretch over the land with its pale fingers, grasping the orb that is the world. He went back to the scroll, flattening the curled edges of the parchment. Gripping the paper between his fingers, he brought it closer to his face, and shifted it in the morning light.

After brushing up on the etiquette of the technique, Han ventured back to the center of the field. Beginning by pumping his feet, Han jumped, leaning forward into the flip. He landed comfortably with his feet on the ground. He did a few sets of these, and eventually began doubling these, while in the air he rotated twice instead of just the single. Han did these along the field until he made it to the edge, and then back again. When he made to where he started, Han paused, taking another break. This was harder than he expected.

After his second break, Han established within his head, that he would no longer take breaks until this business was done. He had to finish it before sun down. Though with the sun's position still low, he believed he could. Gathering his bokuden from the side, he returned and began swing it. He made a few dozen strikes, all downward, readying his arms for the force that would soon be upon them. His thin lips spread, and his lungs pumped, taking in large percentages of air, that they had not experienced before. He was ready now, he would continue.

With the bokuden, Han preceded with a front-flip, swinging the blade through the motion. YEAH! A gleam of excitement rushed through him, but then knowing just one flip in the cycle would not be enough, he threw the smile away. He would push on. His flips moved from one to two, then to three, and eventually four. Though it was at five he got hung up--he fell with a horrible "thump" landing face-first in the dirt. Han spit plumes of dirt from his mouth, the fowl taste controlling his mind's focus. DAMMIT! Once more, cm'on, you've got, no--not one more, until you've got it finished. He stood once more.

He was getting extremely tired at this point, breathing so heavy, he couldn't taste the smoke in the air. Han looked up the haze that was above him. He could have cried at this moment, he attempted the fifth flip for hours, the sun was now waning. He breathed calmly closing his eyes and envisioning the move, executed with poise and grace. He wanted it so bad he could have snapped the bokuden. It's there, just before my reach, but I have to break past this fifth. Once that is done, I've got it. I'll keep adding flips until I can't count them.

It was now or never--So dramatic! But that was how he felt. Han had to break the shackles of the weak "genin" complex. This was a B-ranked technique--he had to learn it. He needed it for the chuunin exams.

"Do it." He said.

Leaping up into the air, his body rotated, once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times--he lost count. The bokuden snapped forward in his hands as he landed. He felt the wind surge forward with his swing.

"That was it? That was it."

He sat down for a moment. His breath was shallow, feeling his lungs squeaking, Han turned over and voided the contents of his stomach.

[Word Count: 831]

Jutsu Learned:

Name: Smoke Village, Sword Style: {Secret Technique} Broken Windmill movement
Canon/Custom: Custom
Element: N/A
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: B
Jutsu Prerequisites: The user must have at least gathered some basic knowledge of the Smoke Village, Sword Style. Though, being claimed a "Secret Technique", means its know by few in Keumuri.
Description: The user launches themselves at their opponent, and while airborne, they preform a "front tuck". Legs together, with knees fully bent and drawn to the chest and hands clutching the sword outstretched from the body. By "tucking" together tightly in this manner, the body is able to reach maximum angular velocity and thus minimize the time required for the body to complete its revolutions. This method produces severe damage from the outstretched blade, and quick, numerous rotations of the body.
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My Focus [solo training]
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