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 A perfect Mix!

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Resonate River


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PostSubject: A perfect Mix!   Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:51 pm

As the waters of the sea splashed against the boat, that carried a cargo that would change the world in his own time, the boat would creak a little as it made its way to the village docking area. The Young boy that rode the boat was named Near, a great missing ninja that was also a survivor of his own clan. Although he looked young he was far from it. The boat stopped as the young man walked off the boat and into a dome. As he looked around he noticed many new things he had never seen during his lifespan.

"What an odd place to live..." Near would say, not knowing the village was actually at the bottom. A bit naive on his whereabouts he walked toward a map and noticed his stupidity. The Weapon on his back grew a bit as it filled with chakra from the young man's body. As he scratched his head he looked around for a ninja of the village Umi, and that would be what he found. Walking toward the man he would say. "Hey you.. young guy.. How do i get to the village. That damn map doesn't help too much, and you look like you just came from it so spit it out."
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Resonate River


Posts : 45
Age : 22
Village : Ex-Raiu
Rank : S rank missing

PostSubject: Re: A perfect Mix!   Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:50 am

The man quickly told Near the whereabouts of the village. Near gave him a smile and took a turn back to the boat that brought him here. As he reached it, he entered the bathroom on the boat and began to run the water. As he watched the water over flow and start to run out of the sink the man began to make hand signs. The signs sent chakra to the water and began to create a type of clone of the young man. As this occurred the clone's eyes would open his eyes and his chakra would begin to flow. THe clone had a lot more chakra then any normal clone did.

Near would back up away from the door so that the young clone would be the only thing seen as he walked out of the room. The clone headed back for the tunnel station and headed down to the village. The sailor was threatened to stay in the docking station and wait for the fireworks to start. As the clone headed down to the actually village with a smile that seemed to brighten the world in hate. It was time. The boat would set off with the real upon it. Goodbye

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A perfect Mix!
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