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 Tonight on the Threatdown [Solo Training]

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James Vox Fulton


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PostSubject: Tonight on the Threatdown [Solo Training]   Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:16 am

Jutsu to train:

Vox looked over the scroll. He was stunned by what he saw on it. People actually used this style? He admitted that at least half of it was pretty good, some of it really good. It had some downright brutal techniques. But three swords? Six? Seven? Whoever invented this must have been a madman. Some of the techniques were just insanely precarious. How were you supposed to get a good swing with a sword held in the crook of your elbow? Or grip it tight enough to hold on when you hit? He assumed it was probably some sort of chakra thing. Wind chakra was used for a lot of the style, and the wall-walking jutsu could be adapted. It could work, it was just goddamn insane.

Still, there were attacks he could make good use of. A few were both practical and element-free. They'd been designed for chakra, but he had the brute force to make up for that. He settled on one to start with, a simple power attack that he could practice easily enough by himself. The Demon Bear technique, a crushing two-sword jutsu. Normally he didn't like the aerial attacks, but if the results were even a fraction of what the scroll described he could learn to live with it.

Vox set his coat aside, far enough away that it wouldn't get damaged. He didn't want to patch it again unless he had to. The Keukage drew The Twins, twirling them in his hands as he moved to the center of the training field. He'd made sure to privately book the field for the day. This stuff could be dangerous if someone wandered by.

He took a few practice jabs at first. The movement was simple in concept. Just a downward stab with both swords. It was the application that made all the difference. This would take a colossal amount of force. Luckily for him, he'd been working a lot on his strength lately. Brute force was a forte of his kind, and now he had more of it than ever. Vox stabbed down harder, burying the titanium blades in the ground. Not bad for a test run.

The Keukage decided it was time for a better test. Any chump could stick a blade in the dirt. This technique was supposed to be something special. After a few more practice stabs, he approached the stone slab at the center of the field. Now he could see if this jutsu was all it was cracked up to be. He took a stance, focusing. With a deep breath, he raised the swords over his head, and brought them down to stab into the rock. The blades stabbed deep, piercing half their length into the slab before it shattered like glass. Vox had to catch his footing, jumping from the crumbling platform he had been standing on. He landed deftly nearby, surveying the damage. The kage couldn't help grinning at what he saw. The leap was supposed to vastly increase its power, by an order of magnitude at the least. He couldn't wait to see this thing at full blast. Vox wondered how much chakra it would take to keep from destroying an ordinary sword with this. The titanium Twins were holding up fine, but there was no way a steel sword could hold up to a full-power Demon Bull without some serious ninja mojo involved.

Vox returned to where he had left his coat, taking the scroll from a pocket. The jump was going to be the tricky part, especially for a grounded fighter like himself. He had to execute it perfectly. Every muscle had to move in sync. He studied the scroll carefully, trying to memorize every last detail. When he was reasonably sure he had it down, Vox headed back to his practice spot.

He made a few dry runs first, like he always did with a new technique. The Keukage knew that it would be much different when he got going at full force, but he liked to get a basic groundwork in his muscle memory first. Vox made a few practice leaps, making sure his entire body was working together. This had to be one fluid motion, from the leap all the way to the landing. He needed the full force that carried him into the air to come down in the strike, and then some. It wasn't going to be easy.

After about a dozen practice jumps, Vox was ready for the real thing. He set down a spare shirt at the center of the field as a target. He needed accuracy as well as power, after all. The jutsu was useless if he couldn't reliably hit anything with it. Striding back a few paces, he took aim. Every muscle in his body tensed and released, firing him into the air like he was shot out of a cannon. He did a forward roll in the air, coming down swords raised. The blades pierced right through the chest of the target shirt, striking into the ground. The impact was catastrophic. The earth around him was blasted away by the sheer force of it, making a massive crater around the point of impact. When the dust settled, Vox surveyed his work. The shirt was gone, and he was standing in the middle of a crater that must have been over 100 feet across.

“Holy shit.”

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PostSubject: Re: Tonight on the Threatdown [Solo Training]   Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:07 pm



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Tonight on the Threatdown [Solo Training]
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