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 Lookit Herman, flars! [Mission]

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Uzumaki Kikuchiyo


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PostSubject: Lookit Herman, flars! [Mission]   Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:14 am

[Doing this mission with permission from Kuji. Thanks, comrade.]

Kiku arrived at old Mrs. Kuuten's home, quite uncomfortable. He didn't want to get his normal clothes dirty gardening, so he'd brought some more work-ready clothes. He felt awkward. Well, more awkward than usual. He didn't like dressing like this, he'd done that a lot as a kid. Kiku didn't have a choice back then, but it was a part of his life he wanted to put behind him.

Trying to put his best smile on, Kiku set to work. It was a lot harder than he'd expected. He had signed up for this with the expectation that it was the one mission even he couldn't screw up, but now he wasn't so sure. The sun was beating down on him, and digging with this little trowel was hard. Kiku had never been the most physical guy, and he was reminding himself of that now. Why can't there just be a paperwork mission? I can do paperwork! he wondered, finishing the first hole. He gently set the plant inside and then moved the dirt to cover the roots and fill the hole. Looking down the row, he let out a groan. One down, 15 to go.

By the time he got to the end of the row, Kiku was panting with exhaustion. Why did gardening have to be so hard? The ground was probably too tough for a decent garden at this spot anyway. These flowers wouldn't last, not unless she got a Senju to do something about it. If the Senju powers even worked on flowers, he wasn't too clear on that. He just hoped that he wasn't blamed for it. He knew he would be, and he knew he would fold when it happened, but it didn't seem fair for him to get in trouble because she chose a lousy spot for a garden. Kiku set the last plant down and arranged the dirt nicely. He looked up, and let out a girly shriek. There was a huge, furry caterpillar mere inches from his face! “Eww eww eww eww!” He scrambled back, trying to get some distance from the monster. It must have been more than an inch long! He had to slay the beast at once.

Kiku put on his safety mask and picked up the pesticide sprayer. “Your time has come, foul creature!” He started at the opposite end, slowly working his way towards the caterpillar as he sprayed the other flowers. He might have been spraying a bit too much, but better than letting those horrible things run wild. With a satisfied grin, he sprayed the final flower, defeating the mighty caterpillar. His first kill on a mission. He put the tools away and knocked on the front door. A tiny old lady opened the door, he could see why she needed the help. “All done, Mrs. Kuuten!” he said with a big smile. The woman followed him outside to look them over. “Oh, they look lovely dear!” she said. Kiku wasn't sure how to react. He just shuffled in place, looking at the ground. “Um, thank you ma'am. I should go.” He scampered off before she had a chance to say anything else.

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PostSubject: Re: Lookit Herman, flars! [Mission]   Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:22 am

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Lookit Herman, flars! [Mission]
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