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 Blending in [Private training]

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Kajiya Toshu


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PostSubject: Blending in [Private training]   Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:02 am

Jutsu to be trained:

Something had been bothering Toshu of late. For a long time, he had managed to evade the authorities simply by being low on their priorities. He had abducted a few people here or there for use in his art, but there was little that could be confirmed and he had mostly been passed over in favor of more dangerous missing nin. That was no longer the case. With his attack in the Land of Rice Fields and the assassination of the Sokage's younger brother, suddenly he was front and center. He needed to move about unseen, and his size made that all but impossible. His clan had many advantages, but stealth was not one of them. He would have to improvise.

There was one jutsu that would be perfect for that, one he had never really bothered to use. As an earth type it should come naturally to him, but Toshu had always preferred to be direct. Lurking under the ground hardly seemed sporting. It seemed like the lowlife way of handling things, but it was an unfortunate necessity. He frowned as he thought of that. He'd been using the unfortunate necessity defense a lot lately, more than he probably should have. It was starting to concern him.

Clearing his thoughts, Toshu stepped back from the shore. He needed drier land for this. He felt the chakra circulating through his body, and started to shape it. Earth chakra flowed through him and from him, seeping into the ground under his feet. It was a different experience from what most people had. Toshu had spent a lifetime fine-tuning his chakra control, learning the intricacies of his network. It tended to pay off at times like these. He understood the theory, and he could put it to work for him.

Toshu could feel his chakra resonating with that in the ground below him. They were close, but not quite synchronized. With a slight adjustment, he matched them up and felt himself begin to sink. It was slow at first, but another quick adjustment and he dropped down, vanishing under the ground. It was a bit surprising at first. He was able to breathe and navigate more easily than he had expected. The name of the jutsu had been quite accurate, he felt like a fish in water. He paced back and forth, one with the earth as he moved. The giant was starting to regret not trying this sooner, it was quite an enlightening experience.

Feeling a little braver, Toshu ventured under the lake. The earth was different here. The dampness in the soil offered more resistance as the water clashed with his earth chakra. Deciding he didn't like this sensation, Toshu turned back and returned to dry land. On a whim, he decided to go exploring a bit. He made his way into the village, traveling down streets unseen and unheard. None of the civilians could sense the chakra moving beneath their feet. Then, when he felt that the ground above him was open, Toshu willed himself to rise. The giant emerged from the street, slowly rising into sight. Looking down, he was pleased to see that the street was left undisturbed. This would be quite useful for venturing out.

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PostSubject: Re: Blending in [Private training]   Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:48 am

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Blending in [Private training]
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