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 Seal of Transportation

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PostSubject: Seal of Transportation   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:38 pm

Name: Seal of Transportation
Canon/Custom: Custom
Element: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Jutsu Prerequisites: Seal
Description: Before actually using this technique, the user is needed to place special seal or "technique formula" (術式, jutsu-shiki) seal somewhere. With a seal established before hand, this technique enables the user to use that seal as a focal point to transport to it when they see fit, much like a reverse summoning.

While the technique may seem similar to the Hiraishin technique, it fails in comparison. Firstly, to actually activate the transportation the user needs to perform a long string of hand seals, accumulating to twenty-nine (29), which is necessary so that the technique can scan anywhere where seals exist. From there the user, along with anything else they are touching at that moment will be transport to the focal seal. After usage, the seal will also be undone, requiring the user to form a new one. Overall, this technique isn't very good for in combat use due to all the time and requirements of it.

A major advantage of this technique is that the seals created by it are non-specific to one target, so users of this technique are capable of finding and transporting their selves to seals that they haven't created. In dire situations, users may cut back on the time it takes to transport by using less hand seals, but this typically would result in them not going to their desired location (if there are any other existent seals) to severe problems such as them not transporting every part of them - such as missing clothes or even missing limbs, etc.

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Seal of Transportation
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