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 Meeting The Crew [Mature/Closed for Terri and Hirano and Soichiro]

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PostSubject: Meeting The Crew [Mature/Closed for Terri and Hirano and Soichiro]   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:57 am

We start this adventure with Terri laying on the side of a rock sleeping the day away. Dreaming about various things good and bad. The sound of a distant footsteps and the smell of fish wakes her up. "I can tell you went fishing this morning. how many did you get?" Once close enough, nommy stops and the tail swings around to dropped the net of 2 very large fish in it. "Just 2 but there of a good size so we not gonna be hungry tonight." the tail responded with. She finally stands up and stretches out, a couple of bones popping along with the stretch. I need to stop sleeping next to rocks, trees are so much better. oh dammit... i have to meet my new students today. can you go fetch them for me please nommy?" She just sighs and tilts her head. "You know i'm not a canine. but yeah i guess i can go. what are their names?" "Soichiro Xsalice and Hirano Arumi." Nommy nods and walks on off into the city on the search for the 2 ninjas.

little bit a ways... "You know dam well there was 3 there and u ate the 3rd one on the way back.. just be glad i can digest that thing as a whole." "we both know we was hungry from the hunting in the first place and i just took the initiate." "Next time u do that im gonna tape your mouth shut, you got that boy?" the 2 of them continue to argue for a while before it came to an stop.

Blue = Terri
Red = Nommy
Brown = Tail (boy)
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting The Crew [Mature/Closed for Terri and Hirano and Soichiro]   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:47 am

It had not been the best day for Arumi thus far. Her parents had demanded that she buy her own cloak this time if she was going to keep losing them. First thing in the morning, she'd gone out to get one. It was pretty nice, as far as shitty concealing cloaks went. Tan, hung down past her knees, had a cool hood in case she grew new ears. She slapped some money down on the counter for the cloak and put it on, stepping out.

What she saw walking down the street made her pause for a minute. There was some sort of catgirl with a giant talking tail. Someone was sending a summon beast on an errand. Arumi stopped and stared for a moment before turning and starting to head for her apartment. "Weird ninja in this village..."


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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting The Crew [Mature/Closed for Terri and Hirano and Soichiro]   Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:55 pm

"101 . . 102 . . . 10---" Xsalice paused for a second in the middle of his push-up. This was only his second set, but the toll was already setting in. Luckily, he only had a few left and quitting was never an option in his ringed multi-colored  blue-eyes. "Come. On. Sal. . . 103 . . . 104 . . . 105 . . " Xsalice gave half of a smile before collapsing to the ground, his transparent blue visor sliding up onto his forehead and making his hair look even more ridiculous than usual, but that the moment he had no cares whatsoever. "Oh the ground is so soft and cold! I could just close my eyes for a qui---" His voice was low to start and even lower as he finished his sentence even though it was difficult to interpret it as words or just jibberish.

No one could blame Xsalice for his tired nature at the moment, he had been working on improving his physical fitness since well before the sun had risen. Thus, he really didn't care if anyone found him. All that mattered was resting. As the young genin slept on the training field's earthen ground that made up the entirety of the interior of Donzokogakure, his snores carried some distance away and would alert anyone within audible range of his presence.

Two and a half hours had passed before Xsalice began to awake from his training induced slumber, a signature pool of drool lay were his head was. He sat up with his legs crossed and his right hand rubbing his right eye while his left eye was still closed. A wide yawn escaped him before he began to speak, " . . . I wonder how long I've been asleep . . . At least my body feels a little better, but I'm still slightly sore . . ." Xsalice began dusting off his clothing starting with his blue shirt then going down to his charcoal pants. He saw a rip in the knee portion and fell back on his back, "Great . . . I only have two more pairs left . . . I need to start on some missions to gain some money . . ." Xsalice pushed himself back up to his original sitting position, his visor sliding down over his eyes once more.

As he looked around the training field he pondered on whether he was still asleep or actually awake for he was not alone any more. A few meters away from him stood an upright walking Catwoman with a giant talking tail. "Now that's something you don't see everyday" Xsalice's voice came out rather low as he sat with both hands in his lap, he did nothing but observed the strange Catwoman.

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting The Crew [Mature/Closed for Terri and Hirano and Soichiro]   

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Meeting The Crew [Mature/Closed for Terri and Hirano and Soichiro]
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