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 Prison Break [Mission/Shoshi]

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Tadashi Kira


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PostSubject: Prison Break [Mission/Shoshi]   Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:21 am

Who knew it'd take 15 years as a Head Jonin before Kira could finally commit to doing a mission? Pathetic, huh? Well, not for the man himself. Today, having received an important notice from the 5 Kage, Kira would be enduring an S-Ranked mission, standing with the Donzogakure Prison to meet with someone known as Uchiha Shoshi. "Uchiha...Shoshi? Who's that?" Kira thought, reading the mission paper as he would prepare himself to partake in a seemingly wild adventure. He could think back to when he was a kid, how eager he was to involve himself in a mission, no, any sort of job.


"Sensei, can you help me read that paper over there?" Kira would ask. He would grab his Sensei's hand, dragging him over to the Mission Board as he would point to the most appealing mission pinned on. He would look back to his Sensei as his jaw had dropped deeply. "Are you crazy?!" Kira's Sensei would reply, "That's an S-Ranked mission! Just look at all the men involved! You're only 13 years old!" Kira was of a low-rank at this time. As a 38-year old currently, he couldn't even remember the exact rank he had at this age, thus he'd continue flashing back to the moment. Young Kira would become filled with rage, his tone breaking softly as he would speak aloud. "But Sensei, these men are pussies..." Young Kira would turn back once more, only to see his Sensei's jaw drop even further as it seemed he was rather disappointed with his attitude. "Pussies?! These 'pussies' you speak of are A and S-Ranked Missing-Nin. They would snap you like a twig, kick you around like a soccer ball, then cook you! One could only image what they'd do after that!" Kira would sigh, having heard this very comment. "Sensei, are you okay? You're looking awfully pale." Kira would say, trying to excuse himself from the conversation, "Things would be the opposite. Trust me. You think those guys could snap me like a twig? I could make puzzles out of them."

Months had passed as reports had come in. "Attention!" The board announcer would announce, "This is a warning to all villagers in the area! 12 of our men died today, foolishly partaking in an S-Ranked mission! Due to this, S-Ranked missions are hereby banned until further notice!" Kira could remember weeping after hearing this announcement, regretting every single word he had just said months ago. "Sensei!" He would shout, "Did you hear-" Young Kira would be interrupted by the board announcer as one of the announcer's tears would drop on his head. "Your Sensei...he...died. I'm sorry." The board announcer had run off after saying this, leaving Young Kira in more tears. "Shit!" Kira would shout, everybody nearby being able to hear him clearly, "Why did they have to die?! Why?! Fucking pussies..." Although cussing, although he was insulting the dead, people around Kira would back off as they knew he was emotionally affected by this event.


"Well..." Kira would say softly, returning to reality, "Hopefully my partner can get here soon so I can fight off these pussies."
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Uchiha Shoshi
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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Prison Break [Mission/Shoshi]   Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:06 am

It seemed like partaking in missions regularly was once again becoming a habit for Shoshi much like how she would take mission after mission when she was younger - which always seemed like just yesterday to her. It wasn't too long ago that she done a Tomb Raiding mission with three of the younger ninjas of the village and already she was partaking in another. Before that last mission she hadn't actually done a mission in more than three years so that mission had gone a bit rougher than it should have. She could only hope this mission, which was now much harder in comparison to the last, could be pulled off easily - albeit she knew that the chances of that being the case in a S-rank mission was low.

Still, at least with her last mission she was the one who had issued the mission, mostly because she was interested in seeing what Terri's students were capable of - and they didn't disappoint. This mission was directly given to her by Lord Donkage. She had a few queries over it, such as whether the man was one hundred percent sure that the other village, Umigakure would maintain their solidarity, but regardless she wasn't going to deny his request even if he wasn't anyway.

Still, even with her acceptance she certainly was ponderous on whether the solidarity between the nations would last. Her partner, Tadashi Kira, was the head jounin of his respective village. At least she had been given some information on the male, including what he specialized, his appearance and other trinkets of information beforehand. Ever since she got that information she hadn't been able to stop fascinating over Paper Release and what exactly it probably was like, and it had yet to stop even as she was presently darting along towards the underground prison.

After the minutes long journey, she came used one last body flicker and appeared next to her partner. She turned to him putting on her best cooperative smile as she greeted, "Sorry I'm late." She smiled a bit nervously now. "Had some stuff to tend to beforehand," she said, remembering how much trouble it was to find Kyzuro so that he could undo the limiter on her seal so that she would be able to use more  of her power. Still, she didn't want to rely too much on her power so she had him set it to seven-five (75) percent, which she was hoping would be enough to get the job done. She studied Kira's face for a second, waiting for a possible response. he looked like the "no bullshit" type of person with how stern he stood; filled with authority. She hated people like that most times, but she could only hope she must have been jumping to conclusions on his nature.

Pulling the chakra suppressor out from her back, which she had been provided by the Donkage for the mission, Shoshi slipped it all. Already she could feel it making her a bit uncomfortable on her wrist. Having it sap her power completely wasn't as bad at least since her having Kyzuro limit her power as much as he did for the past years had made her feel accustom to it.
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Tadashi Kira


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PostSubject: Re: Prison Break [Mission/Shoshi]   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:56 am

While in the midst of seeing his partner arrive, several minutes passing by now, Kira would find a small "TURN TO THE BACK" message on the note, thus he'd follow. On it, more information on this Uchiha Shoshi would be found, the information quite fascinating as well. " Kira thought in his head, reading all the statistics. It'd seem as though too much information would be written on this note. "Suikage...Why tell me so much..." As you may tell, some of the requirements would be enlisted as it'd seem now Kira knew of all levels, the level that this lady had being the highest of them all. Despite this, however, info on all levels would not be inscribed. Having finished reading the note entirely, Kira would wrap it up and slip in inside his dress coat, just in time to meet the fine lady next to him.

As the lady began to talk to him, Kira could sense the nervousness behind her tone, the smile as well showing no true effect. "It's no problem." Kira would reply to Shoshi's misunderstanding of time, chuckling for but a brief moment as you could tell he was highly concentrated on this mission. However, to Shoshi's liking, he was no longer the "no bullshit" kind of guy that he used to be. For the past 15 years, Kira had become more open to people, thus granting them time to at least express their ideas and thoughts before pulling off sudden actions. As long as this lady knew what she would be doing throughout this mission, Kira would be satisfied. Unlike the effort Shoshi wished to pull through in this mission, with his knowledge on the environment, Kira would only wish to put fifty (50) percent effort into this mission, still wishing to satisfy the Uchiha next to him.

"Before we begin..." Kira began, "...I'm Tadashi Kira, a high representative over at Umigakure. Nice to meet you!" Kira would give a cooperate smile as he would say this, hoping the two could grow some kind of bond before the mission would start. Albeit, Kira would be in the midst of working out Step One. Now pulling out a sheet of directions from another pocket, the sheet being in the form of a scroll, he would begin to point things out. "Pardon my rushing." Kira would continue politely, "But there seems to be four objectives we must take care of; finding the organization, destroying the breaching system, capturing some guards, and killing their leader." Kira would pause as he would speak of this, referring back to his previous flashback. "What divisions would you like to cover?" Kira would ask, giving another cooperative smile as he seemed to find no wicked behavior behind the girl aside him. It was surely good to know that Kira was accompanied in a mission for once, that he got to meet someone, and entrust them enough to do something successful in life. Albeit, Kira would await some responses, keeping his smile up as, once again, he would hope to grow a bond between the two, something he could keep for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: Prison Break [Mission/Shoshi]   

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Prison Break [Mission/Shoshi]
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