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 Fuusui Emi

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Fuusui Emi


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PostSubject: Fuusui Emi   Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:39 am

Fuusui Emi

"Rise and shine!"

basic information
Nicknames: Hatgirl, The Chuunin Legend(By herself)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Blood Type: A+
Village: Soragakure
Village Rank: Chuunin
Skill Rank: C

physical information


    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Green

Emi has pale skin and is fairly short and slim, rarely being the tallest or biggest person around. But she certainly is among the ones that attract the most attention: Her face, albeit beautiful, has no remarkable features - her green eyes give off a feeling of innocence and honesty, while making it hard to imagine what she's thinking about at any given time. Her hair is black and short, with two longer bangs on the sides of her face that go around neck length. It's her clothes that help her stand out.
First of all, she likes hats. She's pretty much obsessed with hats. She has a large collection of them, including fedoras, newsboy caps, top hats, fezzes, chef hats, homburgs, bowlers, sun hats, cloche hats, flat caps, so on and so forth. Long story short, she loves hats, and wear a different one every day.
Her clothes are also pretty varied, without much of a pattern. She generally likes chokers and striped stockings, but aside from that, her clothes are varied.

personality information

Emi is a bit of an airhead. She gets distracted often, and is considered lazy by some people(including herself), and since she has problems focusing on either books or teachers, some would call her dumb. Thankfully, she managed to get by with her natural talent for genjutsu.
Some also have describe her as "allergic to routine". Emi gets bored easily, and is constantly trying to do different things. She lives most of her life simply going forward, not paying much attention or focusing on things.
Her main love in life is people. Meeting them, talking to them, knowing them, hearing their stories, living with them, there's nothing she enjoys more in the world. As such, she believes her life's purpose is to bring happiness to people. She loves to see their sincere smiles, but that doesn't mean she forgot about enjoying her own life. A very simple person, she doesn't need much and has no want or need to save money.
She also likes traveling, both for meeting people from different places and seeing different places. She enjoys beautiful sights, both natural like waterfalls and forests and human like cities and sculptures. She has a special taste for flowers, even though she doesn't know much about them. Emi also enjoys singing and playing her flute, and while she says she plays more to herself than to others, she's pretty good on both things.
She has very little regard for her own problems, considering others' issues much more important. And although she hides it well, she's still a bit insecure about how others see her and if she's good enough. Another fear of her is that when you work too hard to be the special person that makes everyone happy, people end up forgetting that you also need care, even though she's ready for that.

    Sexuality: Bissexual

    • People
    • Smiles
    • Hats
    • Making people happy
    • Flowers
    • Beautiful places
    • Sweets
    • Music, playing music
    • Friends
    • Stuffed animals


    • Boring things
    • Routine
    • Death
    • Sadness
    • Being alone
    • Making enemies
    • Spicy food

    Catchphrase(s): "I like your smile."/"We're friends, aren't we?"
    Nindo: To make people happy.

combat information
Clan: N/A
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Genjutsu

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: Water


  • Natural talent: She has a knack for Genjutsu, and as such, her illusions/releases are 25% stronger than average.


  • Airhead: Due to getting distracted often, she's 25% more susceptible to surprise attacks.

Fighting Style: Disorienting the enemy with genjutsu, then using few ninjutsu or melee strikes to weaken and capture them.


Simple Equipment:

  • Flute
  • 10 kunai
  • 30 shuriken
  • 30 ft of wire


historical information
Emi was alone. Wow. What a weird line to start a story with.
Allow me to reiterate: Her story isn't sad, what with her being an orphan or hunted by her evil powers, none of that. She was simply a bit lonely.
Her dad was a traveler, and he and her mother broke up shortly after she was born. She lived with her mom for a while, but when she was 4, her mom got married again, to a Donzogakure ninja. And so they started living there. For Emi, though, it lasted less than a year. The relationship was violent and abusive, and to protect Emi, her mother sent the girl to live with her grandparents back at Soragakure. That was when she started wearing chokers - her mother always had them on.
Life was good with them. It was simple. Her grandma would teach her things like sewing and baking, and her grandpa would teach her the flute. They told her stories about her dad... good stories. They always spoke highly of him. They also were the only friends she had for a year or so.
She joined the academy when she was 6 years old, as expected. Part of it to follow her dad's footsteps, part of it because she had no better use for her time and thought it could be fun. No real reason. But she didn't make too many friends there either. Of course, she was the boring girl with boring clothes... some kids tried bullying her, sure, but she didn't care much for that. She liked to go to quiet corners during breaks and play a bit of flute. Some kids would stop and listen, but they rarely started a conversation. She didn't bother either.
When she was 8 years old, her grandmother died. It was a hard hit, both to her and her grandmfather. But she stood strong... her grandpa, not so much, and one year later he passed away. To top it off, when she was 11, she got news from her mother... she was dead, and the stepfather was arrested, making the truth obvious. She was alone now, more than ever.
At that point she was delusional about the world. No hopes, no dreams... the determination she had to study before was gone. But when she was 12 years old, she graduated the academy, and in her graduation she got the greatest gift she could ever ask for: a visit from her father. He congratulated her and treated her to dinner on cheap but good restaurant, and they talked. Oh, how they talked. He sticked around for a month, and they talked about everything, be it clothes, people, stories, music, flowers, animals, travels, places... They played flute together, and he started teaching her guitar, using an old acoustic guitar he had. He told her stories about the places he had seen and the people he had met. They talked about ninja life, cooking recipes and chocolate types. They talked about cool clothes and paper airplanes. They sang.
After a month, he left, leaving behind the guitar. She was saddened, sure, but she knew he'd end up leaving. He was a traveler, heart and soul. And after that month, she was changed.
Her hopes were renewed. The door was now unlocked. Through some sort of miracle, that man Emi called father managed to change her as a whole in a single month. She loved people. That... happiness she had felt while with her father, she wanted other people to feel it too. It was at that point that she realized her purpose.
Her life after that was rather uneventful. She finally managed to befriend her teammates, and even her first boyfriend was one of them, back when she was 15 years old. 10 months later, they passed the chuunin exam, and right on the first mission, he killed the third teammember and ran away, becoming a missing nin and rendering her teamless. She went back to the village and reported the failure, continuing to work solo or as a temporary member of teams missing a ninja. After that, she had a couple 2~3 months long romantic flings(who are still her friends until today) and continued playing her music and bringing happiness to people.

miscellaneous information
Face Claim: PERSONA 4 GOLDEN - Marie as Fuusui Emi
Other Characters:


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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: Fuusui Emi   Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:10 pm

It looks good only two things. I'm assuming this is done.

One: you do know that tayuya sound genjutsu is ban right?

Two:Hidden mist and oxigen supply are umi techs only. Not sure why they haven't been labeled as such yet. But most everything else looks good.
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Fuusui Emi


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PostSubject: Re: Fuusui Emi   Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:02 pm

Yup, I do. Did I leave any of them in by accident? Didn't notice. And alright, traded those two for MOAR GENJUTSU.
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Fuusui Emi   Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:25 pm

Approved 1/2


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Rank-up points: 13

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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: Fuusui Emi   Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fuusui Emi   

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Fuusui Emi
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