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 Here comes the BOOM!

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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: Here comes the BOOM!   Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:16 pm

Trained Jutsu:

The day would prove to be a normal one as far as normal went when it came to being at Dozokogakure's training fields. Explosions could be heard going off, birds fled from the tops of trees, dust & debris clouded the air, and the young Sōichirō boy was yelling at himself. Yep, this was definitely a normal day in the village full of monsters. "AGH!!! Why am I not getting this!" At this point, Xsalice's blood was boiling as he sat on the floor with his legs spread out in front of him and his hands acting as support beams behind him, a look of disappointment and anger was written all over the young one's face. Apparently Xsalice had been attempting to create a new projectile based jutsu stemming from his "clan's chakra", but as of lately, things kept blowing up in his face. Literally! If it wasn't for the resistance that had been passed down to him from his ancestors there would probably no longer be any male Genin left in Donzokogakure. Someone had to keep the peace.

" . . . There's got to be something I'm missing . . . " As he pushed off from the ground to return to his upright position, dust & debris fell from his clothing, a rip in the knee area of his charcoal colored pants received a not so pleasant hand gesture. It was bad enough that he was having the worst luck with the jutsu at hands, but now he had ripped a hole in yet another pair of his pants. Xsalice let out a sigh as he closed his eyes and began performing a series of hand signs before locking in on the one commonly used in conjunction with the Sōichirō Seals. " . . . Concentrate Sal . . . Think about what you're trying to accomplish . . . "

With his right hand still in the form of the Sōichirō Seal Xsalice raised it to a few inches of his mouth and began inhaling a great deal of air, the chakra in his body began to circulate rapidly as it was compounded and kneaded together. When Xsalice had reached his maximum air capacity he began to release the air, but instead of air being released something else was. From the bottom, the substance was completely white with a medium length tail, is sprouted two arm and hand like appendages from each side of it's body with the exception of fingers. The most surprising feature of the result of his jutsu was that the ghost-like figure had an exact replica of Xsalice's head for it's own head. Xsalice jumped up and down with excitement because despite the strangeness of the appearance of his jutsu, Xsalice had succeeded in not causing an explosion and that was worth celebrating.

"YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS ! ! ! Now let's see what you can do mini-me!" The ghost-like figure that Xsalice had created gave a blob-like thumbs up before soaring high into the air in the direction of the sun, this made it difficult and eventually impossible to see the jutsu. Xsalice scanned the skies then eventually began yelling again, "AGH!!! What the hell! I thought I di---" In the middle of his sentence the chibi version of Xsalice came crashing down to the ground a few yards away from where the real Xsalice was actually standing and upon impact it exploded, dust & debris clouded the air and upon clearing a crater was seen in the ground. "Woah!" was all Xsalice could utter before jumping for joy once again.

Xsalice spent the remainder of his time at the training field discovering the limits of his new jutsu and deciding on a name. Realizing that it was similar to an attack he had seen on an Anime in his younger years, Xsalice decided to name it "Bourei Kamikaze no Jutsu :: Ghost Kamikaze Technique" in it's honor. Replacing one word and removing another technically made it legal, so back off legal-buffs!

Word Count: 642 as of
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Here comes the BOOM!   Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:16 pm



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Here comes the BOOM!
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