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 Fushoku Izumi

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Fushoku Izumi

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PostSubject: Fushoku Izumi   Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:30 am

Fushoku Izumi

"That sounds like effort; why would you do that to yourself?"
Basic Information
Nicknames: N/a
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen (18)
Blood Type: AB
Village: Soragakure
Village Rank: Chuunin
Skill Rank: C
physical information
A girl in her late teens, with messy black hair falling a bit past her shoulders. She has feminine features, what would generally be described as a pretty face, and full lips. She's average height, just under five and a half feet, and has the athletic build that's common among ninja. Izumi's bottom lip is pierced, with a gold ring right through the middle. Izumi usually dresses very properly, wearing a black kimono even while training or on a mission.

    Height: 5'5" (1.651 meters)
    Weight: 132 lbs

personality information
Izumi is generally not too motivated. In fact, she might be described as lazy. Given the choice, she'd rather just be relaxing than training or going on missions. Sora has all these nice gardens and hot springs, it would be wasteful to spend so much time away from them. There's all sorts of nice places where she can get in a few restful hours. Izumi likes hanging out with friends, but if none are available she's more than happy to get some alone time. Her attitude is usually pretty calm, remaining casual even when in danger.
But under all the calm and laid-back attitude, there's a spark. Izumi can have a nasty temper if someone gets under her skin. She won't fight over it, but she'll probably shout your ears off. And Karmi help you if you actually try to attack one of her friends. When it's just her in danger she's pretty chill, but if her friends are threatened she's incredibly protective. And in spite of all that laziness, she's still a kunoichi and a will ruin your shit if someone she cares about is on the line.

    Sexuality: Straight

    • Popsicles
    • Cooking
    • Hot Springs


    • Work
    • Fighting
    • Being told to try harder

combat information
Clan: Fushoku Clan
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Ninjutsu

    Sub: N/a

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: Water
    Sub: Lightning, Acid

Strengths: 20% Larger chakra pool

Weaknesses: 20% More damage taken from taijutsu attacks

Fighting Style: Izumi fights in a mostly straightforward way using ninjutsu. If necessary, she will adapt her strategy.

Simple Equipment:

  • Kunai x5
  • Shuriken x10
  • Wakizashi


historical information
Izumi was born in Soragakure, an only child in the Fushoku clan. Her parents had never shown any promise as ninja, and made a good living owning and operating a restaurant. Izumi was the odd one out in her family. She learned to cook, but from an early age she showed some proficiency in ninjutsu. Her father was excited, and enrolled her in the academy against her mother's objections. She was a good student, applying herself to her studies and graduating the academy with good marks.
Once Izumi became a genin, she started to slack off a bit. She had a good team, but didn't really try hard as she had in her academy years. The girl had always had a bit of a lazy streak, and with a team backing her up she could indulge it a bit. Her father was less than pleased, but he tried to encourage her to try harder. Twice her team attempted the Chuunin Exams, and twice they failed. She was 16 when they made their third attempt, and she finally made chuunin. Her father was excited at her promotion. He said that if she applied herself, she could make jounin in a couple of years. Izumi, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic. Higher rank means higher workload, and for now she's quite satisfied being a chuunin. Leading high-risk missions and training genin teams sounds like more trouble than it's worth, at least for now.
miscellaneous information
Face Claim: No Face Claim
Other Characters:

  • N/a


  • N/a

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PostSubject: Re: Fushoku Izumi   Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fushoku Izumi   

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Fushoku Izumi
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