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 Triangles and Other Geometric Shapes

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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: Triangles and Other Geometric Shapes   Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:46 pm

The all to familiar sound of gravel crunching underneath the dark boots that Sōichirō Xsalice wore meant only one thing, once again he had found his way down to the training grounds, this was becoming more of a weekly routine for him at this point. It was within this empty lot of dirt and rock that Xsalice found half of a certain peace within his life, the other half came from the pleasure he felt when he accomplished something as difficult as creating a new jutsu that would some day come to his aid. Last week he had Xsalice had managed to successfully create a long range projectile based exploding technique which he dubbed the "Bourei Kamikaze no Jutsu :: Ghost Kamikaze Technique". Today he would be focusing more within the area of Fūinjutsu, Sealing and Unsealing Techniques, an area that he found that he excelled in more than any other at the moment.

A small thumping sound resonated throughout the area as Xsalice dropped his grey duffel bag to the floor. It contained ink, scrolls, multiple writing utensils, and anything else he would need in order to create the Seals he would be experimenting with. Although Xsalice could have simply performed his "Gurei Sakka no Jutsu :: Grey Writer Jutsu" to remove the need for all of the equipment he brought, he thought back to last week when he had failed multiple times, so much chakra was wasted. With one knee dropping to the ground he unzipped his bag he removed his container of ink and a scroll, his finger would be used in replace of a writing utensil. "Hmm . . . Let's get to work, shall we . . ." The theory behind creating his next jutsu was to add geometric properties into the creation of a seal that would reflect those geometric properties on a larger scale through the means of one's chakra, in Xsalice's case this would mean the unstable qualities of the Sōichirō chakra. Most people would have just as much understanding of this explanation as someone listening to Greek for the first time, it was a good thing Xsalice believed in seeing rather than explanations.

The first geometric shape that Xsalice attempted to use in the creation of his Seal was a circle. Out of all of the shapes of seals that Xsalice had experimented with the circle proved to be the most uncooperative. Firstly, the circle shaped seal wouldn't project the chakra out horizontally as Xsalice had envisioned within his mind, it would simply project the a cylinder shaped column of chakra. The amount of chakra used in the production of it was just too much for what Xsalice was trying to accomplish. The second geometric shape he decided to use was a simple square. From what he learned in attempting to use the circle was that the seal needed to be upright rather than being on a flat surface, thus he began using kunai. Yet, again the chakra consumption was still too great for him to produce on a consistent basis.

At this point Xsalice had to stop for some time to allow his chakra levels to restore to a safe enough level so as to continue his pursuit in the creation of his new jutsu, he lay on the ground looking up at the giant crack in the cieling of Donzokogakure. "I'm so close I can feel it . . . Maybe I should take a little nap . . . That should . . Clear My . . ." Before he could utter the last bit of his sentence his eyelids had fallen shut over, his conscious drifting away to the deepest part of his mind. In the interior of his mind Xsalice sat at a table when a woman's voice rang out to him, both the table and voice were all too familiar to him. Sitting across from him was the one woman that he thought about everyday of his existence, his mother. Like the case of most dreams, Xsalice had started in the middle of the dream and he did not question his mother was before him, he merely accepted it as is. "Sweetie, you know you're going about your jutsu all wrong, right?" A giggle escaped her that only made Xsalice giggle in return. "I know mom, but I'm so close I know I am!" She titled her head and smiled at Xsalice, this was one of the features that everyone used to say Xsalice got directly from his mother. "Remember that time when we went to the pyramids and you fell down , but I was right behind you to catch you? Use that as inspiration." Xsalice gave her a puzzeled expression, but before he could speak she spoke once more. "You'll figure it out, you're my son after all" As she smiled at him Xsalice felt like he was being sucked through a narrow tube before finding himself back on the floor of the training grounds, surprisingly he hadn't drooled all over himself.

"Hmm . . . What the hell am I supposed to pool from a Pyramid?" Xsalice sat back up and began to doodle on the scroll, images of a circle and square had been crossed out. It wasn't until he began drawing a triangular pyramid from three triangles did he understand what his mother was trying to tell him. The pyramid in which she was speaking of was a Triangular Pyramid, but the Triangle portion was what Xsalice had pulled from it. He immediately began creating a seal from the inspiration of a triangle. Once complete, he applied the seal to a kunai and allowed for some space between himself and it. As the seal became active a triangle of glowing white chakra was released. Unlike his previous failures, this geometric shape was released horizontally, but still reached a good height vertically. Unfortunately though, Xsalice still faced the problem of a continuous chakra consumption and was forced to stop the technique. Knowing what properties his own chakra had, Xsalice didn't want to apply too much chakra at once. He took a seat back down next to his scroll and began mapping out how he would be able to get past his chakra consumption problem. "It seems that the seal relies on my chakra to remain active . . . How can I bypass this without continuously expelling chakra into?"

For about thirty minutes Xsalice sat with his scroll, ink, and finger trying to discover a way to make his jutsu self-sustaining, but everything he thought of just didn't seem plausible. He thought back to what his mother had told him in the dream and figured he would try things her way. "If I do try a triangular pyramid I'm not going to be able to accomplish this with just one Triangular Seal, a Triangular pyramid consists of three . . . That's a horrible name . . . How about . . . Rebounding Triangle Technique?" Realizing that the scroll had no more space for him to draw Xsalice flipped it over to the clean, although dusty, other side. On the scroll he used an "X" to represent a kunai equipped with the Rebounding Triangle Technique's seal, he placed an X in three locations so that they were in the form of a triangle. An arrow was placed in between each kunai to indicate the direction in which the Seal would produce the triangle. Seeing as each seal absorbed and released the chakra being put into it, Xsalice had theoretically created a self-sustaining technique that would trap an enemy. Now it was time to make his theory into reality.

After placing the index and middle fingers of both his hands in a cross formation, three Shadow Clones were expelled from a puff of smoke along side Xsalice. By their actions they already knew what to do, each took their time to write a seal on the kunai before placing it as was according to what was on the scroll. All three of them watched as Xsalice walked around to each kunai and applied a certain amount of chakra into each. "What are we supposed to do next Boss?" One said while the other two followed up with "Yeah!" Xsalice gave them a smile before motioning for them to enter the interior of the formation of kunai that they had set. "Now you guys figure out a way to escape!" As the original Xsalice said this he touched both of his thumbs together. Simultaneously, Chakra was emitted in the form of a triangle from each kunai into the adjacent kunai until they were all connected. One of the clones gave a smile before jumping up in an attempt to escape, Xsalice moved his hands in closer to where his index and middle fingers where touching as well as his thumbs. The triangles of chakra mimicked Xsalice's hands and came in closer until their entire figure represented that of a rectangular pyramid.

Unfortunately for the clone, it had met the top of the chakra pyramid and an explosion occurred that sent it crashing back to the ground, it disappeared in a puff of smoke upon impact. The other two stood wide-eyed as the original Xsalice watched in amazement. "Wow mom . . . You seem to always be two steps ahead of me . . . Thanks for the guidance!" The other two clones looked frightened as they looked around for means of escape, sadly, they were met by nothing but chakra. In a last ditch effort, they attempted to charge at the same side, but were met with the same fate as the first clone. Xsalice merely laughed as he sat and pondered on a name for his newly created jutsu.

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Triangles and Other Geometric Shapes   Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:50 pm



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Triangles and Other Geometric Shapes
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